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DS - Kidou Senshi Gundam 00 - Arriving Thursday

Gundam 00 - The next series in the Mobile Suit Gundam universe.
This Series focuses on 4 Gundam "Meisters" and there ablilties to Pilot the mysterious machines known as Gundams they are a force known as Celestial Beings.

Setsuna F Seiei pilot of Gundam Exia
Lockon Stratos pilot of Gundam Dynames
Allelujah/Hallelujah Haptism pilot of Gundam Kyrios
Tieria Erde pilot of Gundam Virtue

The game takes place during the early episodes of Gundam 00 where you are to do missions and coexist with your Teammates to fulfill your mission riding the world of War, and to stop hostile threats at any cost.

Will your Missions Successfully?

Wii - Okami - Arriving Thursday

Okami the brain child of Clover studios that brought you Viewtiful Joe, was shut down a few years back, but that won't stop Amaterasu, the Wolf.

A very popular Playstation 2 game Okami, has a very similar style of game play similar to Zelda, but don't let that fool you, this game is very unique and actually this game fits perfectly well with the Wii thanks to the Wii mote.

The game centers around the stars, Japanese mythology and Art. Amaterasu has the ability to "paint" and with this can recreate broken object, items, and help the sealed stars to return there power.

The Wii version actually fits the game perfectly where in the Playstation 2 version you had to carefully move the joystick to create almost perfect images (which was very tough) but now with the Wiimote things are much easier with a steady hand.

With the addition of upscaled graphics, the Wii version of Okami will prove to be even more beautiful.

Wii - Opoona - Arriving Thursday

While on an interplanetary family vacation, the young boy Opoona crash lands on Planet Landroll after his spaceship is involved in a mysterious accident. Separated from his family, Opoona is forced to live alone. On the planet, Opoona must find a job, search for his siblings, and defend himself and the people of Landroll against creatures known as the Dark Rogues. Luckily for Opoona, he is the descendant of a long line of warriors known as the Cosmo Guards. Thus, Opoona's adventure begins as he struggles to establish a new life and reunite his family.

The Game is very similar to a style everyone has grown accustomed with in Harvest Moon, life simulation. As the game proggress you have to get accustomed to life, the town the people and even take on odd jobs. Getting to know the townsfolk and starting relationships is very important in this game to continue on and improve yourself. How will you raise Opoona in this new planet?

Wii - Freeloader Japanese Version - Avaliable Now

The Japanese version of the new Wii Freeloader offers abilty to play any region games, so if you own the Japanese Wii with this you will be able to play PAL, and American Wii/Gamecube games but if you own the American Wii you will need to by the American Region Freeloader or it won't work.

With this you will be able to play the American or European Wii games that have come out before the Japanese version.

This item comes in very handy for those who bought a Japanese Wii to play certain imports but can't play the American ones.

Japanese Wii Freeloader - $24.99

Wii - Freeloader American Version - Avaliable Now

The American version of the new Wii Freeloader offers abilty to play any region games, so if you own the America Wii with this you will be able to play PAL, and Japanese Wii/Gamecube games but if you own the Japanese Wii you will need to by the Japanese Region Freeloader or it won't work.

So now if the game you oh so wanted to play, but are sad because it possibly isn't coming out to America anytime soon or at all is within Reach.

Price for American Freeloader: $24.99
Price for Import Wii game: Varies per game
Being able to Finally play that Naruto Game you have been wanting to play with the Freeloader: Priceless

Wii - Karous - Pushed Back To 4/10

Karous was released a couple of months ago on the Dreamcast and currently stands as the last game released on the system. This Version however gives an even added bonus it tosses in Radio Allergy/Radilgy and Chaos Field.

While Karous adds adds the wiimote functionality where you can swing the wiimote to use the Sword weapon, and it has improved graphics.

Radio Allergy/Radiligy and Chaos Field are ported from there respective Gamecube versions almost untouched but still a nice bonus to have with Karous.

PSP - Final Fantasy Crisis Core - Arriving Wednesday

The next installment of the Final Fantasy series, and a prologue in the Final Fantasy 7 Universe, Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 doesn't have you take control of Cloud, or Vincent this time, but someone everyone thought was a minor character in Final Fantasy 7, Zack Fair. While Zack was mentioned a few times in Final Fantasy 7 not too much was known about him, he had much to do with Cloud, and even Tifa and Aerith, but not too much, other than dying protecting Cloud (Final Fantasy 7 OVA).

Now we get a deeper look into Zack, his relationships with Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, and even his mentors Angel and Sephiroth. The game introduces a new battle system named Digital Mind Wave, which is a reel that gives random abilities/powers.

Everything you learned to love in Final Fantasy 7 is still here, summons, Materia and even many of the characters return for this prequel to the 1997 Hit Final Fantasy 7, and after beating this game, your heart might skip to know what is in store for the Final Fantasy 7 universe.

PSP - Monster hunter 2nd G - Game Only - Arriving Thursday

A new Expansion of the Monster Hunter 2, this is an added bonus to those who have beaten and completed the quests on Monster Hunter 2. For those who haven't played Monster Hunter 2, Monster Hunter 2nd G has the original game plus expansions.

Finally which has been wanted in the game for a long time has been added by all the requests of the fans; Hunter Portable 2nd G will now support online co-operative play via the infrastructure mode. Aside from that, the game will also have faster loading times even when the BG option is turned on.

Other Features Include:
  • You can change sex at which point sex-specific gear will also change.
  • While hunting, an otomoail can be brought along, limited to one in single-player. There are many different types, with different patterns and abilities. They can be trained in the Ail Kitchen.
  • G-class quests are unlocked, and other upper-rank quests are added, including the top-rank "Village Chief" quest from Necote.
  • All data that isn't game breaking will carry over.
  • New monsters "Lightning Dragon Nargagarga", "Soaring Dragon Yamatsukami". Nargagarga looks like Tigarex in the body, and has a black panther motif (including face).
  • Palette swap of Daimyo Uzaza also appears.
  • New field "Deep Forest" in addition to previously-seen Volcano, Dunes, Cliffs, Forbidden Woods.
  • On sharpness gauge, purple is now above white
  • Mail for paint added.
  • Lightning-elemental gunlance added.
  • New varieties of hunter's pipes added.
So if your a Monster Hunter die hard fan, or its your first time playing this RPG style game is a must get. Coming in Thursday!

DSUS DS-400GB splits rear-view with GPS

We suppose the line of thinking with the DSUS DS-400GB is that you're probably already eying your rear-view mirror plenty, so why not just split off a third and throw a 4-inch GPS nav unit up in there? Not a bad idea, but don't you want to be looking forward -- not behind you -- when considering your next turn? Not that it's of any consequence, anyway, this thing's straight outta China with no US release or distro (yet).
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LG's Flatron LX206WU joins the multiple USB display party

We're not sure why hooking up six displays has suddenly become the new USB multiple-monitor demo of choice, but LG isn't one to let Samsung have all the glory -- the company just announced the USB-capable 20.1-inch Flatron LX206WU, which outguns Sammy's UbiSync 940UX by a single, triumphant inch. LG says you can feed up to six displays from a single USB port using a hub, but it's not saying what the max video bitrate or resolution is. Just like the Samsung, it looks like USB video support is Windows-only for now, but Mac and Linux peeps can jack into the 5000:1 contrast ratio and 2ms response time through DVI and VGA, which are notably absent on Sammy's unit. No word on Stateside availability, but if you're headed to Korea we hear a smile and 390,000 won ($388) should do the trick.


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XM / Sirius merger approved!

Looks like that two month extension XM and Sirius gave each on the merger deal paid off after all -- federal regulators have finally approved the $5B deal. The Department of Justice's Antitrust division says that after "thorough and careful review" (we'll say -- it's been over a year), it's determined that allowing the two satellite radio companies to merge "is not likely to harm consumers." The deciding factor appeared to be the proprietary hardware needed to receive both XM and Sirius; since consumers who shell out aren't likely to switch, the DOJ doesn't think the marketplace is all that competitive to begin with, which makes the impact of a merger relatively small. In fact, the DOJ thinks the merger could actually benefit consumers, who might see lower prices as the result of more efficient operations, broader programming options, and faster rollouts of new technology. Of course, it's not all over yet -- the FCC still has to weigh in, but it's largely expected to follow the Justice Department's lead here.
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Rock Band coming to Wii on June 22nd

Harmonix has finally made it for-really-real official: Rock Band is coming out on the Wii. They announced today that Rock Band will come out for Wii on June 22nd in the U.S. and Canada, in a Special Edition package including drums, a wireless guitar, and a mic, for $169.99. Standalone instruments will also be available.

Rock Band will feature 63 songs, which includes five "bonus songs" -- we don't know what any of the songs are or what it means for some of them to be "bonuses." Songs that are available as DLC on other platforms? Nintendo stuff? No idea. But as long as there are songs in the game for us to play fake instruments to, we kind of don't care. We are down with Waggle Rock.

[Via Gaming Bits]
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Sonic Unleashed confirmed

Some video and screens came out of what looked
like a new Sonic the Hedgehog game, identified as Sonic Unleashed.
After this leak, Sega issued a press release to a German magazine
called Sega On confirming the existence of the game -- and then
Sega On removed it. Sega On now
that Unleashed is an unprecedented collaboration between
Sega teams in Japan, Europe, and the U.S., designed to "rebuild the Sonic
brand and prove that it could work in 3D environments." It involves a
werewolf-style Sonic, either as a player transformation or as an enemy.
It's all very confusing, but we can at least say with some certainty that
some Sonic game is coming to some system.


Master Chief comes to PS3, courtesy of Unreal Tournament

It was only a matter of time until the Unreal Tournament III community started building some truly spectacular mods for use on PS3. This Master Chief suit, for example, looks just as good (if not better) than his model in Halo 3. Check out (and download) Master Chief, and other characters from Gears of War and Final Fantasy here.

English DBZ: Burst Limit trailer

Luckily for us, this English trailer might be a good indicator that a western release for Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit may be coming sooner than we think. If you're a big fan of DBZ, you'll want to check out this trailer -- watch it to the very end to see what Vegeta thinks of the game.

Resident Evil 5 footage confirmed for Famitsu this week

It might not be big news in and of itself, but the very notion we could be seeing some brand new Resident Evil 5 footage and gameplay this week is quite exciting. Capcom announced the release of a DVD for its 25th anniversary in Japan. On this DVD, included in Famitsu Weekly magazine, will feature a couple of games, including the PSP's upcoming Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, and Resident Evil 5. We don't know what the DVD will contain or if the contents will find their way onto the interwebs or not -- but Capcom said there will be exclusive footage and an interview. We'll keep you posted!

Wii Fit priced for $90

The charge for admission into the Wii Fit club will be $90. We've confirmed with various local GameStops that the game is listed in its system for $90.

Nintendo confirmed with Joystiq that "the only thing released is that [Wii Fit] will be 'under $100'" when it debuts on May 19. North America is the only announced region for Wii Fit without a confirmed price tag, with Europe and Australia ready to pay over $100 USD for the pressure-sensitive sweat board.

News: Rock Band Hits Wii on June 22

The number one selling game in February 2008 is coming to Wii!

Cambridge, MA - March 24, 2007-- Harmonix, the leading developer of music-based games, and MTV Games, a division of MTV Networks, which is a division of Viacom (NYSE: VIA, VIA.B), along with distribution partner Electronic Arts, Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS), today announced plans to release the award-winning music video game Rock Band on the Wii™ home video game system from Nintendo in the U.S. and Canada on June 22, 2008 for the suggested retail price of $169.99.

Rock Band for Wii will be released as a Special Edition bundle including the software, drums, microphone and a wireless guitar. Stand alone instruments will also be available on June 22nd for people who want to build their band one instrument at a time or want to play the drum versus drum game mode. The game will feature 63 songs including five bonus songs for Wii gamers to enjoy.

"The Wii's success among casual and core gamers of all ages makes it an ideal match for the cross-generational appeal of the music featured in Rock Band," says Bob Picunko, Vice President of Electronic Games and Interactive Products, MTV

"The social interaction and addictive nature of the Rock Band experience is a perfect fit for the Wii and will undoubtedly be fun for the entire family," says Steve Singer, licensing VP from Nintendo.

Rock Band is an all-new platform for music fans and gamers to interact with music like never before. The game challenges players to put together a band and tour for fame and fortune - all while learning to master lead/bass guitar, drums and vocals. Featuring the most master recordings of any music game ever by the world's biggest rock artists, Rock Band includes tracks that span every genre of rock ranging from alternative and classic rock to heavy metal and punk. Rock Band has garnered over 40 awards this year including Game Critics Award: Best of Show E3 2007 and three awards at The 11th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards including Outstanding Innovation in Gaming, Family Game of the Year, and Outstanding Achievement in Soundtrack.

Rock Band is rated "T" for Teen (lyrics, mild suggestive themes) by the ESRB.

Rock Band is currently available on the Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft®, the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system, and on the PLAYSTATION®2 computer entertainment system.
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Microsoft unloads 500 GTA IV Xbox 360 Elite consoles

While folks at the Xbox 360 repair lab know good and well how to strip a console back to its birthday suit, Microsoft is going the opposite direction with its limited run of Grand Theft Auto IV Elites. The console itself is purportedly blasted with automotive quality paint and each one is individually numbered. Apparently, the 500 units -- which look to come with a case full of peripherals -- are only being dished out to press outlets and the like, so it seems your only shot at actually acquiring one is by scouring the second hand market. Or you could just steal one and toss a Molotov cocktail behind as you're getting away -- that'd be fitting, we guess.
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Sony: PSP Portable Copy Not Coming with 2.2


SCEA announced the Playstation 3's firmware 2.20 update will not include Portable Copy support, despite reports to the contrary.

unkown is whether all Blu-ray movies will be copyable or if it will be only for movies that have an extra PSP file included on the disc.