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In Stock Now - DJ Max Portable Emotional Sense - Black Square [Quattra Limited Edition] - $149.99

Our Price: $149.99
Release Date: 12/29/2008
UPC: PAX0002520318
Genre: Music
Company: Pentavision
Version: Korea

Stock Status: In Stock

Games under the DJ MAX titles have long attracted players through the incorporation of cool songs and graphics. By utilizing the two strongest aspects of the PSP console, DJ MAX Portable Emotional Sense is bringing you a whole new DJ experience.

While the Clazziquai version provides ample training opportunities for novices, Black Square is the communal playground for veterans.

Besides new tracks, the game combines songs from the first and second games resulting in a music database with more than 100 pieces. By taking challenges, players can unlock hidden stages and music videos, listen to music, train your reflexes and have a lovely time.

  • Box Contents --> Please notice that in stock editions do not contain the red ribbon
  • DJ Max Black Square Premium Limited Case
  • DJ Max Black Square software
  • DJ Max Black Square OST (4CD)
  • DJ Max Illusion (DJMAX Metro Project Visualization Book)
  • Son of Sun Special Gift
  • Portable Speaker: BS24
  • Bandana: Black Square Edition 2009 Pentavision New Year's Card

In Stock Now - DJ Max Portable Emotional Sense - Clazziquai Edition - $39.99

List Price: $49.99
Release Date: 10/23/2008
UPC: 8809186260046
Genre: Music
Company: Pentavision
Version: Korea

Stock Status: In Stock

DJ Max Portable Clazziquai Edition is a music video game published and developed by Pentavision in South Korea for the PlayStation Portable which was released on October 20, 2008. This is the third title for the PlayStation Portable from in the DJ Max Portable series, after DJ Max Portable 2. As the game title suggests, it is a Clazziquai-themed DJ Max Portable and a prologue to DJ Max Portable Black Square; though it is considered by most as a major release in the DJ Max series.

This version includes new songs from DJ Max Technika, 015B, BJJ, and from Clazziquai's 2008 mini album Metrotronics. Two additional modes have been revealed for the game, 2B and 4BFX. Clazziquai Edition is aimed for casual gamers unlike its previous game, the hardcore gamers will have their own version of DJ Max Portable, known as DJ Max Portable Black Square from the METRO project.

  • Collaboration with Clazziquai (popular Korean brand)
  • 48 unique songs, including songs from DJ Max Technika, and Clazziquai's 2008 mini album Metrotronics.
  • Targeted to casual gamers
  • Contains various K-Pop songs (015B, Lucky7 & more)
  • New game system
  • Tutorial mode
  • Club Tour mode
  • Analog Stick Play
  • Club Tour- Play in different club, each club is one of three gameplay types. The player must complete half the objectives to unlock the next club, but when the player completes every objective in a club, they get the Club's Emblem, which is the club's icon on the Club Tour Map. This mode is composed of 7 different areas with 4 clubs each, except the last area which only has 1 club. The game's songs that are not unlocked by Link Disc (for those without the Platinum Crew Patch) are unlocked in this mode.
  • Music: This type gives the player a list of songs to play and the player must complete each song.
  • Repertory: This type has several sets of songs given to the player, the player must complete each song in the set in order it's shown to complete the set.
  • Mission: This type has various other DJ's sorted by Rank and sometimes button modes with specific goals. The player pays some gold to accept the challenge and must meet the goal given to them by the DJ before the song ends (like finish the song with an accuracy of 91% or higher, finish the song with a combo of 8,000 or more). If the player wins, their rank goes up and will earn a new title when they reach a certain rank. If they lose their rank goes down. Players cannot challenge a DJ if the DJ's rank is too high compared to theirs.
  • Arcade- The basic DJ Max game mode, play through one of 6 button modes in 3 stages each with your choice of a song from a list, the songs get harder the more buttons you use and the higher the stage.
  • Fever- Sets the maximum Fever multiplier. Fever can either be Automated or Manually activated which on the latter, player can decide to activate Fever-Mode once it reaches the maximum Fever multiplier. Note that the automated Fever gauge fills up slower than that of the manual.
  • HP UP- Increases maximum HP.
  • Auto- Counts a certain number of missed notes as a Max 1% hit or allows for easy long notes (by holding after the note ends, get 100%)
  • Track- Adds the Note effects such as Blinking.
  • Album- A combination of M/V and O.S.T. You can switch the mode by pressing the Square button to view either the M/V or O.S.T.
  • Collection- You can view records of the songs you have played, Play Count, Images (Wallpapers which you can save on to your PSP memory stick), Movies, Emblems (Collected by completing each club in Club Tour) and Internet Ranking (Password to enter your scores into the Official Website (Platinum Crew Members Only).
  • Option- Data Install for faster loading times, Language comes in Korean, Japanese and English, you can set the display of the Combo Count either IN the gear or OUT of the gear and the Fever bar can be either Classic (DJ Max Portable 2) or New (The bar is on the left side of the gear).
  • Network- Multi-Player using Ad-hoc PSP connections.
  • Link Disc - Connect to DJ Max Portable 1 or 2, even to DJ Max Portable Black Square as well. Link Disc with DJ Max Portable unlocks the Oblivion Gear, 3 avatars (2 from DJ Max Portable's opening movie, and 1 from the Music Video for Hamsin), and the song: Elastic Star ~UK Garage Mix~. Link Disc with DJ Max Portable 2 unlocks the Summer Time Gear, 2 Avatars (1 from the video for Brand New Days, the other from the video for Syriana), and the song: Syriana. Link Disc with Black Square unlocks the song: Proposed, Flower, Wolf.