Saturday, March 21, 2009

Stock Update - Super Mario Sofubi Figure 3 - Wario - Sold Out!

An amazing, amazing figure. We were surprised to see how popular wario is, much over the other yoshi colors, mario, and goomba.

Japan has notified us that there won't be another production run for these figures.

Currently, the only figures that we have left are the green and yellow yoshi, goomba, and mario.

Pricing is still set at $15.99 per figure.

Stock Update - Sleeping Pokemon Center Plush - In Stock Now - Limited!

Pokemon center Japan announced its line of Nemuri (sleeping) pokemon items a few months back. We're expecting these, similar to the halloween pokemon plush, to be knockout sellers and may only be produced one time. The sleeping pokemon isn't as soft as the other pokemon plushies that we carry; it carries more of a firm texture. Pricing is set at $29.99.

Stock Update - Pokemon Takaratomy Figures - Over 100+ Types - In Stock Now!

They're back! We used to carry just a few types of these takaratomy figures, but when Takaratomy released another batch just a few months ago, we had no choice but to snatch up all the remaining stock and offer it domestically.

We ordered all 150 styles of figures; all but a few were available. Each figure measures in at approximately 1.5" - 2.5" depending on style. Pricing is set at $9.99 per figure.

Stock Update - Pokemon Stainless Steel Bottle - In Stock - 3 Styles

Some of the more unique items on our boat shipment include three styles of Pokemon stainless steel bottles. Keep your liquids warm on any trip! Pricing is set at $19.99. The following styles are available: