Monday, March 24, 2008

Wii - Freeloader American Version - Avaliable Now

The American version of the new Wii Freeloader offers abilty to play any region games, so if you own the America Wii with this you will be able to play PAL, and Japanese Wii/Gamecube games but if you own the Japanese Wii you will need to by the Japanese Region Freeloader or it won't work.

So now if the game you oh so wanted to play, but are sad because it possibly isn't coming out to America anytime soon or at all is within Reach.

Price for American Freeloader: $24.99
Price for Import Wii game: Varies per game
Being able to Finally play that Naruto Game you have been wanting to play with the Freeloader: Priceless

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