Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pre-Order Update - Resident Evil 5 360 Limited Edition Red Elite System

We've been notified by Microsoft that the 360 red limited system will only be limited to a one time production run, which means, when they're out, they're out.

Pre-orders will be announced soon at the hefty price of $399.99. Pre-orders will be shipped on or around 3/13. Deliveries from microsoft direct vendors will arrive late in the afternoon via trucking.

The bundle includes:
  • Red console
  • Standard Edition: Resident Evil 5 game
  • Red Wireless Controller
  • 120GB hard drive
  • Token card including Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and exclusive Resident Evil Premium Theme
Stay tuned for confirmed arrival updates!

Dsi - Stock/Pre-Order Update

As many have already read and already know, amazon and gamestop have been taking pre-orders for the new DSi. Where do we stand admist all this pre-ordering?

We're currently negotiating with our Nintendo-direct distributors to bring the best possible price to the marketplace. We expect first week prices to rise slightly above national retail price, as the hype will bring about temporary shortages. Wholesale prices will also rise above retail prices temporarily. So far, we won't be taking any pre-orders until we receive a guaranteed shipment notification from our Nintendo suppliers.

The japanese versions of the DSi still have a loyal customer base and are continually selling on the daily basis.

WonderCon 2009 - We Might Attend 2010

Registration for wondercon 2009 this year at the Moscone Center South has closed for this year, but we will be attending as regular joes this weekend as me might make the 500 mile ambitious drive from southern california. The trip will be tiring indeed, as we intend to take no breaks from work and will leave right after work on saturday. In any event, the usual exhibitor based businesses will be there, but we're comic book/anime fans to the end. The convention will be excitingly random.

Attending FanimeCon in 2008 was exceedingly tough, as our cargo van can only carry so much to fill up our booths. As exciting and exhilarating as the selling experience may be, there is a slight possibility that we may re-attend.

Early Arrival - 2/26 - Killzone 2 PS3

We're expecting to receive killzone 2 ps3 on thursday.
-from wikipedia-
Killzone 2 is a science fiction first-person shooter for the PlayStation 3, developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. It is the third installment in the Killzone franchise that began on the PlayStation 2 with Killzone and continued on the PlayStation Portable with Killzone: Liberation. The game was first announced at E3 2005, with a tech demo on display, while the first gameplay footage was shown two years later at E3 2007.

Early reviews of the game have been largely positive, while pre-orders of the game have topped 1.1 million units in Europe alone.

  • Sergeant Tomas "Sev" Sevchenko is the main character of Killzone 2, and part of the ISA Special Forces Alpha Team. He is a withdrawn and unusually contemplative man. At age 25 he's already been in several successful campaigns, but they've also exacted a toll on him. He's an imperfect soldier in a perfect army.
  • Corporal Dante Garza is a member of the ISA Special Forces Alpha Team. Smart-mouthed and young, Garza is still a loyal and trusty soldier who has earned his elite status.
  • Sergeant Rico Velasquez is a veteran of the ISA. He is a human tank who prefers to shoot first and ask questions later, if at all. He's all attitude but despite this he has a good heart. Rico prefers an up-front fight and is a character of extremes; he can get agitated very quickly and doesn't hold back on anything. During the orbital defense platform crisis, Rico was left stranded by a brutal Helghast attack and consequently befriended Templar, Luger and Hakha. Later, he became embedded with Alpha Team to spearhead the invasion on Helghan’s capital, Pyrrhus.
  • Corporal Shawn Natko is the demolitions expert for the ISA Special Forces Alpha Team.
  • Colonel Jan Templar is the commander of the ISA cruiser 'New Sun'. Protagonist of Killzone and Killzone: Liberation, he leads the invasion of Helghan from the sky, without actually being in the field.
  • Emperor Scolar Visari is the leader of Helghast forces and ruler of Helghan planet. He is responsible for the re-militarization of the Helghan troops after their defeat following the First Helghan War. He has succeeded in launching an invasion of one of ISA colonial planets, Vekta, to avenge what he sees as the abandonment and abuse of the Helghast. He is voiced by Brian Cox.
  • Colonel Radec is the commander of Visari's personal guard and defends planet Helghan, he is shown to have a desire for killing and prefers action rather than planning. Determined and ruthless, he is called the hound of Visari.
With Killzone 2, Guerrilla Games aims to provide the player with an immersive and cinematic gameplay experience that is grounded in reality with what they call "Hollywood Realism". The game is presented almost entirely from a first person perspective, aside from vehicular combat. Killzone 2 features a "lean and peek" cover system which allows the player to take cover behind an object and then pop out to fire at enemies. The "lean and peek" mechanic stays in first person view at all times. It has also been announced that Sev is able to pilot vehicles, such as tanks. Many classic weapons and vehicles from previous Killzone installments will be returning, such as the M82-G and the StA-52 LAR.

Warzone, the title of the multiplayer component of Killzone 2 has been developed by Guerrilla Games in conjunction with the game's single-player campaign.

Eight multiplayer maps are included on disc at release. Guerrilla has stated that further maps will be made available as future downloadable content. Vehicles have also been confirmed to be part of the multiplayer experience and are to be patched post-release.