Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pre-Order Update - Wii Monster Hunter G - 4/23/09

Release Date: 4/23/09
Receiving: 4/22-4/23
Price - $49.99 Regular Version
Price - $79.99 Starter Edition (bonus classic controller, tri-preview, bonus card)
-from wikipedia-
Monster Hunter G is a video game released in Japan for the PlayStation 2. It was meant to be an expansion for the original Japanese Monster Hunter. It was later ported to the PlayStation Portable and released in America and Europe under the title Monster Hunter Freedom. Some of the expanded content included monster color changes and other monster varieties with varying difficulty. Monster Hunter G is being released on the Wii in Japan.

Pre-Order Update - Death Smiles - Import 360 - 4/23/09

Release Date - 4/23/09
Receiving Date - 4/22-4/24
Price - $69.99
-from wikipedia-
In the August 25-31 2008 issue of Famitsu Weekly, Cave announced a Xbox 360 port of the game. New game modes include a Xbox 360 mode, and Ver 1.1 mode. In Ver 1.1 mode, players can independently controls familiar, via the XBox 360 controller. Lock shot, powerup shot are located on different buttons. Player can also adjust screen brightness, background frame, game screen position and zoom. Downloadable contents include Mega Black Label features. Limited edition includes Manabu Namiki Selection Deathsmiles Premium Arrange Album soundtrack CD (potential shortage, we'll update asap). Hori produced a controller for the XBox 360 game(limited as well).

Pre-Order Update - Suggoi! Arcana Heart 2 PS2 - 4/6/09

Release Date - 4/6/09
Receiving Date - 4/3-4/7
Price - $69.99
Accessories - Suggoi! Arcana Heart Hori Stick PS2
-from wikipedia-

Arcana Heart 2 is the sequel to Arcana Heart, which was developed by Examu as the first Examu title published after the rights of the franchise had been transferred to EXAMU, Inc. The base platform was changed to eX-BOARD, the first game for the system.

Arcana Heart 2 was unveiled in AOU2008 Amusement Expo.

New feature is the 6 extra fighters (with unique arcana), Arcana blast, Arcana homing, Critical heart.

  • Arcana blast: By consuming 1 power gauge, player becomes temporarily invulnerable.
  • Arcana homing: By consuming 1 homing gauge, player can split and perform homing cancel.
  • Critical heart: By consuming 3 power gauges, player can use the fighter's specific move when there is a specific distance between opposing fighters.
Suggoi! Arcana Heart 2 is the updated version of Arcana Heart 2. Added fighters include Nazuna Inuwaka, Akane Inuwaka, Parace L'Sia. Added Arcana include Cayatshime (Flower), Fenecs (Sound), Parace L'sia (Life).

Pre-Order Update - Super Robot Wars K DS - 3/20

We should be receiving super robot wars K by the end of next week:
-from wikipedia-
This game continues the handheld trend of excluding Universal Century Gundam, but omits the Getter Robo franchise for the second time, features Mazinger Z as the sole Mazinger representative (usually accompanied by Great Mazinger or replaced with Mazinkaiser) and includes a series exclusively owned by Takara Tomy (a direct competitor to Namco Bandai in the toy/merchandise industry). Features the "Partner Battle System", similar to Original Generations' "Twin Battle System." Pre-orders are set at $64.99.

Stock Update - PS3 / 360 - Resident Evil 5

We have received word from suppliers that resident evil 5 for both 360 and ps3 are arriving on friday. There will be no need for waiting or pre-ordering to lock in an order, we will be bringing in significant amounts through our capcom vendors.

Buyers are welcome to come into our retail store friday morning to pick up a copy in-store. If we sell out on friday, we will saturday overnight copies to arrive by saturday 11:30 a.m. for the weekend sale.

Stock Update - Real Arcade Pro Orange Stick PS2 - 4961818009615 - HP2-261 - Back In Stock!

With a shortage of hori sticks permeating the US today, we're lucky to have secured small amounts of the real arcade pro orange stick for ps2. It's heavy duty base in conjunction with its sanwa parts makes it a definite buy for any fighting game buff.

I own a real arcade pro 2 sa, and I recommend laying it on a table, rather than your lap. The joystick is heavy enough where it won't move when performing moves. The top left of the joystick is a rapid-fire control panel.

The stick is only available through amazon.co.jp, thus only small amounts were secured. Please keep in mind that because the unit is 2600g and contains dimension weight, shipping charges will be slightly higher than normal.

Stock Update - Chocobo Black / White Mage Plush

We have just been notified that CafeReo will be distributing a second run for the chocobo black and white mage plush deep into August of 2009. These plushies stand approximately six inches tall and are fairly soft, much better than Banpresto made plushies.

We have the black mage plush in stock, as well as the santa claus chocobo from the first production and will be brining in a second dose of Chocobo in the months to come.