Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pre-Order Update - Neo Geo Stick 2 For PS3 By Exar - 7/16/09 - Now Open!

Our Price: $74.99
Release Date: 7/16/2009
UPC: 4560289420211
Genre: Fighting Joystick
Company: Exar Model: EX0025
Version: JPN (Compatible w/ All PS3's)
Exar is releasing a second joystick, appropriately titled neo geo stick 2. This stick will feature the classic four button layout with l1,l2,r1,r2 protection. This controller also connects to the ps3 via usb. This model is cheaper, and we're expecting to receive them around the release date. Preorders are set at $74.99.

Pre-Order Update - THE KING OF FIGHTERS XII USB STICK (12) By Exar For PS3 - 7/16/09 - Now Open

Our Price: $89.99
Release Date: 7/16/2009
UPC: 4560289420228
Genre: Fighting Joystick
Company: Exar Model: EX0026
Version: JPN (Compatible w/ All PS3's)
We received a few emails from exar's press release stating that they're making a few more sticks! Doesn't this stick pose a striking resemblance to the tatsunoko stick we're receiving more of tomorrow? Yes it does. The stick/lever is about 35mm or 1.4 inches. Each stick sports a serious piece of artwork, showcasing just how serious of a player you are. Pre-orders are set at $89.99. If you're a true fan and need tons of sticks, each master carton comes with six sticks.

Restock Update - Freeloader For Import GC/Wii Games Back In Stock! - 5/12/09

Price - $24.99
Restocked: 5/12/09
Release Date:
UPC: 890664001648
Genre: Accessory
Company: Datel
Version: Region-Free
-from publisher-
Wii FreeLoader is really easy to use. Simply insert your FreeLoader disc and load it in the usual way. When the drive stops, eject the Wii FreeLoader disc and insert the game, which then loads and plays just like it would on its own region of Wii. It’s as simple as that!


  • Firmware Version 3.2U or below, Version 3.3 and beyond will not work with the freeloader.
  • Play ANY region of Wii game on a US Wii.
  • Easy to use.
  • No console modification required.
  • Play games never released in your region.
  • Play local games on your imported console.
  • Even works with some GameCube games.
  • 100% unofficial.

Pre-Order Update - Dj Max Muse On Limited Edition Controller For PC - Now Open - $154.99

Price - $154.99
Receive Date: End of May
Release Date: 5/12/2009
UPC: 8809245210845
Genre: Accessory
Company: Pentavision
Version: Korea
Box Contents
  • Muse-On Controller
  • Muse-On Earset - S1
  • Muse-On Pedal
  • Muse-On Bag
  • Illustration Mouse Pad
  • User's manual

Pre-Order Update - BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Limited Edition PS3/360 Versions - $59.99 - 6/30/09

Price - $59.99 / each
PS3 - UPC: 893610001204
360 - UPC: 893610001198
-from publisher-
BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger is a two-dimensional fighting arcade game by Arc System Works, the staff behind the Guilty Gear series. It was released on November 19, 2008 in Japan and November 20, 2008 in the United States. It will later be released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on 6/30/09. It is a spiritual successor to Guilty Gear. A playable demo was presented at AOU 2008. The game is currently released for the Taito Type X2 arcade system board, with a 16:9 ratio and 768p resolution.

Box Contents
  • Collectable Limited Edition packaging
  • A two-disc original soundtrack that contains 48 tracks by Guilty Gear's Daisuke Ishiwatari (19 more than the version released in Japan!)
  • Bonus video disc containing basic tutorials, expert advice, character-specific strategies, and much more!

Pre-Order Update - King of Fighters XII (12) PS3/360 - New Artwork (JPN)

Price - $69.99 /ea
Release Date - 7/16/09

We have some cool new box art for King of Fighters XII. JPN versions for both the 360 ( UPC: 4964808800117) / ps3 (UPC: 4964808301195) are up on the site and pre-orders may receive the 15th anniversary soundtrack, though we don't know current allocations. This means that for maybe every 3-4 pre-orders, we may get one soundtrack. I'll post up allocation amounts as soon as I find out.

Pre-Order Update - Real Arcade Pro 3 White Color - Amazon.co.jp Exclusive - Now Open!

Price - $199.99
Release Date: 10/1/2008
UPC: 4961818009622
Genre: Joystick
Company: Hori
Version: JPN
We've locked down a healthy amount of these amazon.co.jp exclusives. The HRAP3 was released last year around october and sold out quickly within a few months. For these sticks, we had to pay a small premium to grab because our vendors had to spend more labor sourcing from amazon.co.jp as well as other distribution channels (increases price). Pre-orders are welcome at $199.99 and are expected to ship mid June, if demand is too overwhelming, we'll air over a few batches.

Receiving Update - Hori Real Arcade Pro SA 3 PS3 - 5/14/09

Price - $299.99
Receive Date: 5/14/09 - Thursday
Re-Release Date:
UPC: HP3-53
Genre: Joystick
Company: Hori
Version: Japan
As I was up doing p90x last night, I received a message from Japan stating that they had secured a small amount of these sticks and will be shipping some out tomorrow, with bleach 6 psp. Suggested retail price in Japan is 10,000JPY, but to get these, we had to pay much higher because of the scarcity of the item. After air shipping and dimensional weight, we adjusted the price to $299.99. Backorders are expected to ship thursday, and walk-ins to our retail store are welcome to pick one up.