Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Garnet Chronicle - PSP Import Pre-Order - 10/23/2008

Sega returns with is old-school RPG success Garnet Chronicle. The story explores a rookie knight, who investigates the secret of a mysterious evil stone. The game characters are designed by a few of the illustrators of online game smash-hit "Lineage." Garnet Chronicle will also feature popular vocal actors Midori Hikaru and Kigimiya Rie to record opening and ending songs of the game. Game graphics and ending themes will be in 2D.

Traditional RPG elements have been implemented, players will engage in fights upon touching enemies (similar to "Blue Dragon" & "Chrono Cross"). The battle mode is turn based and players will fight in order of descending agility level. Learn new abilities and level up players! Sega brings back our old RPG memories with a new kick!

Pre-Orders are welcome at $48.90 and will ship on or around 10/23/08