Monday, January 18, 2010

2/18/10 - New PreOrder - Biohazard 5 Alternative Edition (Import Playstation 3) - $59.99

Our Price: $59.99
Release Date: 02/18/2010
UPC: 4976219033718
Genre: Action
Company: Capcom
Version: Japan
-from publisher-
The biohazard threat has not ended: Just when it seemed that the menace of Resident Evil had been destroyed, along comes a new terror to send shivers down player’s spines. Chris Redfield, returning Resident Evil hero, has followed the path of the evil literally around the globe.

After joining a new organization, Chris heads to Africa where the latest bioterrorism threat is literally transforming the people and animals of the city into mindless, maddened creatures. Chris must take on the challenge of discovering the truth behind this evil plot. In Resident Evil 5, Capcom will teach players to fear the daylight as much as they have feared shadow in previous games.

  • Chris Redfield, protagonist of the original Resident Evil and Resident Evil: Code Veronica, returns
  • New environments and a diverse assortment of locations
  • New enemies bring new challenges: speed and intelligence make adversaries as dangerous singly as they are in groups.
  • An arsenal of weapons at the players command to keep the evil at bay, including knives, pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles and more.
  • Lighting effects provide a new level of suspense in both harsh light and deepest shadow
  • True high definition gaming on multiple game platforms, using an advanced version of Capcom’s proprietary game engine, MT Framework, which powered the next-gen, million-plus hit titles Devil May Cry 4, Lost Planet and Dead Rising.

2/4/10 - New Pre-Order - God Eater (Import PSP) - $54.99

Our Price: $54.99
Release Date: 02/04/2010
UPC: 4582224497232
Genre: Adventure
Company: Bandai Namco Games
Version: Japan
The Monster Hunter series has been the top selling franchise on Sony's PSP by a wide margin. This success (and the profits that it generated for Capcom) has led other publishers like Koei and Sega to try their hand at capturing some of that same magical formula with their own 4-player community-building games.

It does not come as a surprise, therefore, to hear that Namco Bandai would like some its own multiplayer co-op action on the portable platform. Via Famitsu magazine, the company has announced a brand new IP exclusively for the PSP called God Eater. The game will be arriving in Japan this fall, with a North American release sure to follow sometime afterwards.

In Stock Now - Final Fantasy IV (4) (Gameboy Advance) GBA - $29.99

Our Price: $29.99
Release Date: 12/12/2005
UPC: 045496736873
Genre: RPG
Company: Square Enix
Version: US Version
-from wiki-
Final Fantasy IV is a console role-playing game developed and published by Square (now Square Enix) in 1991 as a part of the Final Fantasy series. The game was originally released for the Super Famicom in Japan, but has been ported by TOSE to the Sony PlayStation, Bandai's WonderSwan Color, and Nintendo's Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS, with increasing changes.

The game was re-titled "Final Fantasy II" during its initial release outside of Japan as the original Final Fantasy II and III had not been released outside of Japan at the time, but later localizations used the original title.

  • With its character-driven plot, use of new technologies and critically acclaimed score by Nobuo Uematsu, Final Fantasy IV is regarded as a landmark of the series and of the role-playing genre.
  • It is considered to be one of the first role-playing games to feature a complex, involving plot, and is thought to have pioneered the idea of dramatic storytelling in an RPG.
  • The various incarnations of the game have sold more than four million copies worldwide. A sequel to the game, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, was released for Japanese mobile phones in 2008, and worldwide via the Wii Shop Channel on June 1, 2009.

In Stock Now - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team (Gameboy Advance) - $19.99

Our Price: $19.99
Release Date: 10/18/2006
UPC: 045496737771
Genre: Puzzle / Action
Company: Namco
Version: US Version
-from wiki-
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team are a matched pair of Pokémon games for the Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance, respectively. These two games were developed by Chunsoft and were published by Nintendo.

The two versions are mostly identical, with the Blue version taking advantage of the dual-screen features and increased graphical capabilities of the Nintendo DS (thus the team's condition can appear on one screen in Blue while playing in the other, while this screen must be accessed through a menu in Red). The game also begins with six Pokémon exclusive to each version. Unlike other games, however, players may unlock the exclusive Pokémon from the other version through Wonder Mail missions.

  • For the first time ever, the player is a Pokemon and speaks & interacts with other characters in a world populated only by Pokemon
  • A deep, involving and dramatic story brings the player into a world of Pokemon not seen or experienced before
  • Strategic battles enhance the adventure
  • Randomly generated dungeons make every mission unique

In Stock Now - Mr Driller 2 (Gameboy Advance) - $19.99

Our Price: $19.99
Release Date: 4/6/2005
UPC: 722674500074
Genre: Puzzle / Action
Company: Namco
Version: US Version
-from wiki-
The world is being overrun by colored blocks, which are coming from deep underground! Entire countries are completely covered by these blocks, including India, America, and Egypt. Looks like a job for the planet's premiere perforator: Mr. Driller! A colorful, fast-paced puzzle game, Mr. Driller 2 for Game Boy Advance is easy to learn and impossible to put down!

  • Face new competition - Anna Hottenmayer wants to show Mr. Driller who the REAL hero is
  • Test your drill skills in Mission Driller, Endless Driller or Time Attack Driller scenarios
  • Play against friends by connecting two GBAs using a Game Link cable

In Stock Now - Manhunt 2 (Playstation 2) - $19.99

Our Price: $19.99
Release Date: 11/5/2007
UPC: 710425371455
Genre: Action
Company: Rockstar
Version: US - SLUS-21613
-from publisher-
An experiment at a secret research facility has can wrong, leaving Daniel Lamb and Leo Kasper as the only surviving subjects. The Pickman Project will not rest until they are hunted down, stopping the truth from being revealed. The door to your cell is open leaving you one choice and one chance. They took your life and now you have to take it back.

  • Unusual new weapons, from glass shards and syringes to pens
  • Execute your kills in 3 deadly threats - Hasty, Violent and Gruesome
  • New environmental kills - Push an enemy face-first into a live fuse box, use telephone cords to strangle or drown an enemy in a toilet
  • Use ambient sounds to your advantage - Let loud noises cover your trail, and learn to regulate breathing so you aren't heard in absolute silence
  • Lamb can climb and crawl -- two things James Earl Cash couldn't do in the original

In Stock Now - Pinky Street Kira Kira * Music Night [Pinky Figure Limited Edition] - $79.99

Our Price: $79.99
Release Date: 10/24/2006
UPC: 4582246790168
Genre: Music
Company: Dimple Entertainment
Version: Japan - DMP-DS02
-from publisher-
Pinky Street: Kira Kira * Music Hour is a rhythm action game, based on a series of three touch panels for you to interact with as the beat rolls by. You hold the Nintendo DS™ sideways, with the touch panel on one side for gameplay and the other side showing a full-body view of your dancer and her competition. Your movements will be completed with your stylus.

In Stock Now - Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22 (Playstation the Best) (Import PSX) - $29.99

Our Price: $29.99
Release Date: 12/6/1996
UPC: 4902425555089
Genre: Fighting
Company: Bandai
Version: Japan - SLPS-91017
-from wiki-
Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22 is a fighting game released July 28, 1995 (1995-07-28) in Japan, rereleased as a Greatest Hit game on December 6, 1995 (1995-12-06), released in Europe on July 1996 (1996-07), and released in North America years later on March 25, 2003 (2003-03-25). The game features cel drawings from the animators as character sprites and three dimensional backgrounds.

The playable characters are Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Future Trunks, Cell, Android 16, Android 18, Frieza, Zarbon, Recoome, Captain Ginyu, Dabura, Goten, Kid Trunks, Supreme Kai, Majin Buu (Good), Super Buu, Super Saiyan Gotenks, Great Saiyaman, Krillin, Tien, and Piccolo. Unlockable characters include Gogeta, Hercule, Master Roshi, Super Saiyan 3 Goku, and Kid Goku.

In Stock Now! - SaGa Frontier (Ultimate Hits) (Import PSX) - $19.99

Our Price: $19.99
Release Date: 7/20/2009
UPC: 4988601004725
Genre: RPG
Company: Squaresoft
Version: Japan - SLPM-87375

SaGa Frontier is a Sony PlayStation role-playing game by Square, released in Japan on July 11, 1997. The game was later published by Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEA) in North America on March 25, 1998. It is the seventh game in the SaGa series and the first to be released on the PlayStation. The game was directed and produced by Akitoshi Kawazu with aid from chief planner Kōichi Ishii and musical composer Kenji Ito.

  • As of 2008, SaGa Frontier has sold over one million copies in Japan. It was 5th top-selling game in Japan in 1997 and is currently the 15th top-selling PlayStation game for the region. In 2000, SaGa Frontier was voted the 18th best PlayStation game of all time by the editors of Famitsu magazine. Due to its popularity in Japan, the game has been re-released a number of times at a budget price: in 2000 as part of the Square Millennium Collection, in 2002 as part of the PSOne Books best-seller range, and again in 2004 as a part of Square Enix's Ultimate Hits line. Most recently in 2008, the game was released on the PlayStation Store in Japan.

In Stock Now! - Talkman Travel (Import PSP) - $29.99

Our Price: $29.99
Release Date: 12/24/2007
UPC: 4948872680158
Genre: Language Learning Software
Company: Sony
Version: Japan

Talkman (PSP-240) is a program developed by Sony Computer Entertainment for the Sony PlayStation Portable video game console. It is a voice-activated translation software application that operates in four languages Japanese, English, Korean, and Chinese (Mandarin). The name "Talkman" is a reference to Sony's Walkman line of portable audio products. It was released in Japan on November 17, 2005 and in America on August 5, 2008 (via the Playstation Store) as Talkman Travel. In America, however, instead of receiving all the languages included in the Japanese version in one package, you have the option to buy a single pack for $5.99 a piece.

  • Available Languages:
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Chinese

In Stock Now! - Fate/Tiger Colosseum Upper (Import PSP) - $19.99

Our Price: $19.99
Release Date: 8/28/2008
UPC: 4976219026321
Genre: Fighting
Company: Capcom
Version: Japan

Fate/Tiger Colosseum, known as the cute & funny action PSP game released last year, comes back this september as Fate Tiger Colosseum Upper. Game play is similar to it's counterpart. Players are allowed to choose between 12 combatants. Capcom promises a funnier story line as Saber and her friends form Fate/Hollow Ataraxia and Fate/Zero. This game will also include a limited edition box set (Megamori Box) which includes a set of Tarot Cards (23 Cards) illustrated by various famous Japanese ACG illustrators. Also included are a binder, a drama cd, and a special DVD. To make this package even more exciting, a 72 page full-color book will include character settings and comic-like interviews! For fans of Fate/Tiger, lets make it out loud!

In Stock Now! - Tam Tam Paradise (incl. Controller) (Import PS2) - $129.99

Our Price: $129.99
Release Date: 8/9/2001
UPC: 4542082000081
Genre: Rythm
Company: Global A Entertainment
Version: Japan - SLPM-62073

-from youtube-
Tam Tam Paradise is a rhythm action game for the Japanese Ps2. It comes with a pair of bongo-esque drums that you strap onto your legs. You then tap to the beat. In story mode, the rhythm sections are broken up by minigames you must complete.

  • 1 x Tam Tam Paradise Game (Import PS2)
  • 2 x Tam Tam Paradise Controllers