Friday, February 27, 2009

So... Its been a whole 2 weeks since SF4 came out and someone has already broken the game. (Even though this combo is next to impossible to pull off) Just watch you you will know what i am talking about. I tried this last night.. no go... ultra fail... Will post a video of me doing it if i ever get the hang of it. (probably not)

Since I've gotten back into a Street Fighter FEVER from the release of SF4, I thought that some of you might enjoy a classic video I'm sure many, if not all, have already seen. Thats right... EVO moment #37, Daigo smashes Justin FTW. It's one of those videos that you watch with friends and still go "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" ... even though it was something that happened years ago. Well enough of my typing, just watch the video and you will know what i mean. Also I wanted to see if anyone here likes watching combo and tourny videos as much as me! Leave a comment and ill post more videos like this!


Name Change - Blog

Hey guys! Sorry, to facilitate the promotion of the blog, we appropriately renamed the blog so there will no longer be -'s in our name, thank you for your patience during this transition.

Stock Conformation - Today's UPS shipment

Unfortunately, we have confirmed that our shipment, containing the most vital items for this weekends sale will be arriving either Saturday or Monday.

Japan Video Games - Blog Post about Our Blog

We've taken a few steps to make our blog more accessible. First, our blogroll is posted on the top right side of our main website, detailing out all the recent posts, and second, the first link on the left hand side of the webpage will contain the most recent posts, automatically updated by feedburner, so you won't miss out on any important company news or arrivals.

Insta-Update - But Why?

I think a while back, I came across kotaku and ended up watching the trailer of dragon ball z, I almost insta-shot myself, but then of course, with street fighter, it's a different story because Kristin Kreuk is in the movie.

High school was the birth place of nerd-kids dreams of putting a Kristin Kreuk insert into their 3" binders. Soon enough, they'll be convincing the immediates to turn on smallville just to watch the only strip scene where Kreuk jumps into the swimming pool.

Sign onto polaris, mininova, or any other web hounds and grab this movie tonight within two hours and save the $9.50 student discount for your next panda express meal.

Weekly Recap - February 2009 - Week 4

As february comes to an end, we have some good news! Japanese courts are finally taking definitive action against R4 makers and banning the official sale of the product in Japan. As much as I love downloading and whatnot, I still support the physical product, rather than the digital version. As the globe deepens in to a recession, many vendors have seen an immediate halt of ds game sales as early as half a year ago.

Sadly, many vendors are simply buying Jump Ultimate Stars to turn the quick $12-$30 profit, wholeheartedly ignoring the vast array of ds games on the market today. It will be a definite boost if american courts could do the same during this time, as all vendors and retailers across the nation are losing import sales to incredibly terrible ds us version games.

Stock Update - Ryu Ga Gotoku 3 Rise of the Dragon Pack PS3

We finally received extra restocked allocations of the Ryu Ga Gotoku 3 Rise of the dragon pack. We only brought in a extra few pieces due to to highly inflated costs from limited production.

Please be advised that we can only ship to US billing addresses only.

This system is produced on a limited scale and will be sold out worldwide at normal retail prices in the few coming months.

Shipment Update - Shipment Delayed By Customs

Every so often, customs delays our shipment citing incomplete documents. I think we all know that since the economy is slow, work must be created to keep customs employees afloat, hence, delaying one of our shipments. It's almost as bad as GE cutting dividends or JPMorgan cutting more than 12,000 jobs on a whim.

We will be receiving a partial shipment today of:

Wii - One Piece Unlimited Cruise: Episode 2 - Mezameru Yuusha
360 - DoDonPachi Daioujou Black Label Extra
Ps3 - Ryu ga Gotoku 3
Ps3 - Hori Arcade Fighting Stick 3 (HP3-01)
PS3 - Demon's Souls (JPN Version)