Friday, April 4, 2008


WII Karous Wii $49.99
Mario Kart Wii [Japan Version] $74.99
PS2 Battle of Sunrise $74.99
Shinkyouku Soukai Polyphonica 0-4 Hanashi Full Pack $49.99


WII Baroque $38.99

MiniCopter: Adventure Flight
PS2 Arcana Heart $28.99

Baroque $38.99

Video of the Day: Dead Fantasy ep. 2

Ultimo from the Minds of Shonnen Jump and Stan Lee

The official Japanese website of Shueisha's Jump Square magazine has revealed the first finalized image from Karakuridōji Ultimo, the new series from Spider-Man and X-Men co-creator Stan Lee and Shaman King creator Hiroyuki Takei. will be previewed in the premiere issue of the Jump SQ.II spinoff, which will ship on April 18.

Viz Media has also announced that it will hold a press event at New York Comic Con on the project on that same day. Lee, Jump Square Editor Takanori Asada, and Viz's Shonen Jump Editor-in-Chief Marc Weidenbaum will appear at the event to discuss the work. Viz has also indicated that more news will be announced. The story of Ultimo revolves around two figures — Vice and Ultimo — who appear in the skies above Farmless City. Their super-powered clashes bring destruction upon the city and raises the questions of their origins and aims.

The press release quotes Lee as saying, “I am deeply honored for this great opportunity to collaborate with an award-winning artist/writer of the stature of Hiroyuki Takei. I enthusiastically expect that the combination of an American story-telling style merged with Takei-san's acclaimed Japanese style will result in our joint creation Ultimo presenting an original, exciting type of manga that will appeal to comic book fans around the world.”

Certain PSP and PS2 games loosing Online Support

Sony Online has announced they will be shutting down servers for a few of there online games because not to many people still play and it will save them money on servers they can use of other or newer released games. This effect takes place on June 30th, so if you still one of the hardcore fans who loves playing online against a few or even on of your friends you have a bit under 2 months to get your fix, the games affected by this are:

PS2 Games

Destruction Derby Arenas
Everybody’s Golf
EyeToy Chat
F1 ‘04
Jak X
Lemmings PS2
My Street
Syphon Filter Omega Strain
This is Football 2004
This is Football 2005
Twisted Metal: Black Online

PSP Games

World Tour Soccer 2

While nothing huge like Final Fantasy XI it does leave Jak and Daxter X fans and Twisted Metal Black fans without there car destruction feeling of happiness.

PSP and PS2 getting a "Moe Moe World War II' anime game

Strategy and adventure PC game, Moe Moe World War II, is coming to the PSP/PS2 with a new scenario, a new character, gameplay and visual adjustments. The game is set to be released in Japan this fall, added things include a lady in a nazi bathing suit rubbing oil into another lady.

30 Wheels for Wii only one chosen

Nintendo spent thousands of dollars, endless hours trying to work on the Wii wheel, over 30 different prototypes were created, tossed and burnt to ashes jsut to try to make the perfect one so everyone can have the most fun out of Mario Kart Wii. Nintendo's final product the Wii wheel everyone has seen for quite awhile, close the the design of the 3rd part ones tossed and trying to be sold with games like Excite Truck and Need for Speed. In time everyone will learn which one they would prefer, A Wii mote on a wheel or everyones favorite Gamecube controller.

Araknoids DS coming soon to america minus the Paddle

Araknoid DS is set to releases stateside but with no Paddle. The Paddle is an added peripheral that allows you to move around by turning the knob. How can you get the full experience, Japan Video Games can help you there, they are selling the Araknoid DS paddle for 21.89, available in Black, Silver, White and Pink and you can easily play Araknoid DS the way it was meant to.

****Note**** The paddle is region less so you can play it perfectly fine on an American Ds with the American copy of Araknoid and any other future tittles that support the Paddle.

Black - $21.89
- $21.89
White - $21.89
- $21.89

Rumor: Legend of Zelda manga coming stateside

Its been rumored for awhile, but it seems it might be coming to reality, that the Legend of Zelda mangas are coming stateside.

The mangas have been around in japan for a few years ever since the release of Ocarina of Time, and with each video game series a new Series for the Manga comes, more recently was Four Swords adventure, Minish Cap and soon to be released Phantom Hour glass, each manga always popular in Japan because it starts everyones favorite hero Link in his many forms.

Hopefully we can have confirmation on the Mangas release date because im sure everyone will want one every month.