Wednesday, March 4, 2009

News Update - BlazBlue 2D Fighter For PS3 / 360 Announced For Summer

I'm glad that BlazBlue is finally announced for the ps3 / 360. I've received countless inquiries on release dates, release dates, release dates.

But with the upcoming release of the game, we're sure to see fueled joystick sales of all types of sticks. Hori Japan should have new stock this coming May as our Japanese sources tell us. We may be bringing in more sticks by boat, as air freight shipments and dimensional weight take the fighting sticks far beyond retail costs.

Here are some more details from wikipedia concerning the title, it's definitely one to look out for this summer, along with King of Fighters XII.

The game uses an 8-directional joystick, common to most fighting games, and 4 attack buttons: Light (A), Middle (B), Heavy (C), and Drive (D), the latter of which activates unique special abilities for each character. Throw and Throw Escape are performed by pressing B and C at the same time. In addition to basic dashing and jumping, there are also double jumps, high jumps and air dashes.
  • Guard Libra: When guarding or forcing your opponent to guard, this gauge will shift. When it fills up completely to one side, the guarding player will undergo a Barrier Crush and will be stunned temporarily.
  • Barrier Gauge: A gauge that regenerates over time, used for Barrier Guard. The defense capability of a character is lowered for a set period of time when this gauge reaches zero.
  • Barrier Guard: Pushes back the opponent and prevents the Guard Libra from shifting. Performed by pressing A and B at the same time while guarding.
  • Barrier Burst: Pushes the opponent away, even when guarding or receiving damage, thus canceling the enemy's combo in the latter case. If used offensively and guarded by the opponent, they will undergo a Barrier Crush. Uses 100% of the Barrier Gauge and leaves it to zero for the remainder of the round. Performed by pressing all four buttons at the same time.
  • Heat Gauge: An energy gauge needed to perform Distortion Drives and Rapid Cancels.
  • Counter Assault: Counters an opponent's attack while guarding. Consumes 50% of the Heat Gauge. Performed by pressing forward, A and B at the same time while guarding.
  • Rapid Cancel: Cancels the recovery time of an attack. Consumes 50% of the Heat Gauge. Performed by pressing A, B and C at the same time while attacking.
  • Distortion Drive: Special attacks unique to each character. Consumes 50% of the Heat Gauge. Performed with some arrow motions plus the Drive button.
  • Astral Heat: Special attacks unique to each character. Consumes 100% of the Heat Gauge. The conditions for using Astral Heats are simple: the player has to be fighting in the last round of each match, and his/her opponent has to have 20% of their health left. The player can then input the buttons needed for the Astral Heat. Astral Heats can be considered similar to Guilty Gear's Instant Kills.

Stock Update - Surprising Restock 3/4/09 - Madcatz 360 Street Fighter 4 Controllers

Surprisingly, we just received another shipment of madcatz 360 street fighter 4 fight pads. Among the most popular yesterday were Chun-Li, which sold surprisingly better than runner-up Ryu. Ken's sells were mediocre, barely trumping blanka.

This seems like the last of it, with no word of any restock for any fightpads down the line, if you do decide to grab one, you may be able to hold it and sell it for double the price in the years to come, we'll never know.

Stock Update - Max Shooter 360 - In Stock

Max Shooter is a unique adapter that allows you to Use a keyboard and mouse on your Xbox 360. You will be able enjoy First Person Shooters (FPS), or any other game where targeting is important, the way they are meant to be played

Note: Max Shooter for Xbox 360 must be used with Xbox 360 wired controllers

  • Compatible with all XBOX 360 games
  • Compatible with all versions of XBOX 360 consoles
  • Compatible with new version of XBOX 360 wired controller
  • Can map all the XBOX 360 controller keys (include both analog sticks) to any key of the keyboard.
  • Compatible with 95 % of different kind of mouse and keyboard.
  • High sensitivity ,precision and smoothness
  • Built in Turbo (Auto Fire) functionality, eight customizable auto-fire buttons
  • Can adjust the mouse sensitivity from 2 extra wheels
  • Connect PS2 compatible controllers to your XBOX 360
  • Compatible with PS2 joypads, light guns, racing wheels, dancing mats & more

Stock Update - 360 Street Fighter IV Collectors Back In Stock Thursday 3/5

As if the shortage of the madcatz fightpads wasn't bad enough, we breathed a sigh of relief in knowing that at least one item in the street fighter archives is finally available again, without any sort of extreme markup two or even three times beyond market price.

Tomorrow, we will be receiving small quantities of street fighter 4 360 limited collectors edition priced @ $89.99. The package bundle includes:

  • Street Fighter IV game for Xbox 360
  • A limited-edition Crimson Viper figurine
  • "Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind," a 65 minute anime movie created by Studio 4C (output at 720p), that sets up the story of Street Fighter IV by explaining events post-SFII.
  • A mini-strategy guide from Prima, written by the same people doing the full-on guide and illustrated by Udon Comics
  • The CD soundtrack
  • Additional downloadable content

Stock Update - 3/6/09 Arrival - Biohazard 5 PS3 JPN Version

Another great friday arrival as well, pre-orders will ship friday morning.

-from wikipedia-

Resident Evil 5's setting will have a similar feel to the film Black Hawk Down. Takeuchi added that the development team is composed of staff members who worked on the first Resident Evil. He has stated that Resident Evil 5 will be an actual sequel to the Resident Evil series.Before Takeuchi took over, the game's former producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi stated "it's safe to say that Resident Evil 5 will naturally proceed from where Resident Evil 4 left off".

In a July 2007 Famitsu interview, producer Jun Takeuchi revealed the main playable character is Chris Redfield and the game takes place roughly ten years after the events of the original Resident Evil. The story will explore Chris' life during the ten year interval between the two games. During the game's events, he is a member of a group known as Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA), and sent to investigate an incident in a desert area that serves as the game's setting. Takeuchi also confirmed that a female character from the series, who is seen briefly at the end of the trailer, will appear in the game.In an online interview, Takeuchi revealed that the game's plot will be set in Africa, and will concern "the origins of the virus". He also stated one of the plot's key elements will revolve around the whereabouts of STARS and Redfield's life after the first Resident Evil game. The story is set in the fictional African country of Kijuju.

Another game trailer that was released on May 31, 2008 depicted a female character named Sheva Alomar who is an agent of the West African branch of the BSAA who will assist Redfield. Alomar will follow Redfield, while supplying him with ammo and support. She will also be able to engage enemies, and will require the player's assistance from time to time.

The antagonists of the game includes Chris Redfield's nemesis Albert Wesker, and a woman named Excella Gionne, a relative of the founder of the Tricell Pharmaceutical Company who operates the company's African branch.[23] Ozwell E. Spencer, the founder of Umbrella Corp. and a key figure in the background story of the series since the original Resident Evil, will be formally introduced in the game.

Stock Update - Super Robot Z - Special Disc - Arriving Friday 3/6/09

Slightly late, our shipment made it out today with a few new titles on the shipment. Super robot Z special disc is confirmed for Friday arrival.

-from wikipiedia-
Similar to Neo Super Robot Wars Special Disc, this will feature exclusive missions, "Challenge Battles" (scenarios testing players' strategic/tactical decisions), a "Battle Viewer" (similar to Original Generation Gaiden's "Free Battle Mode"), a "Special Theater" displaying art work and concept designs for Z's original characters and robots and a library displaying all of the game's characters and robots. An exclusive unit to the disc will be a black Overman King Gainer by the name of "XAN". The disc does not feature the original game and most of the content will depend on how much the player has achieved in the original.

Stock Update - 360 SF4 Fightpads, Sold out Restock Soon

We're officially sold out of the street fighter IV 360 fightpads! We hopefully will be receiving more from local vendors on Friday. We're unsure of prices at this point, but if the local vendors decide to sell at high costs due to the scarcity of the item, we will adjust accordingly.

Madcatz has stated that the second wave of controllers is still satisfying the first wave, and the third wave of controllers is coming in end of april / early may. Many vendors probably are sitting tight on stock in hopes of marking them up to tournament edition prices.