Friday, September 18, 2009

New Arrival Update - Katamari Forever (Playstation 3) - $49.99 - 09/21/2009

Katamari Forever (Playstation 3)
Our Price: $49.99 Arrives 9/22/09
Release Date: 09/22/2009
UPC: 00722674110242
Genre: Action
Company: Namco
Version: US

So... I know everyone has seen, played, or at least HEARD of this incredibly addicting game. We will be receiving our first shipment for this game on MONDAY! If you pre-order with us we will be shipping this game out on the same day. If you guys and gals have a moment, you should definitely check out the trailer below! Enjoy and have a great weekend everyone.

  • A terrible event has occurred causing the stars to disappear from the night sky and the King of All Cosmos to fall into a coma. The Prince must use his finely tuned Katamari rolling skills once more to re-create the absent celestial bodies, save his royal father and restore order to the Cosmos.
  • Thumb tacks, sushi, cats, people, skyscrapers, ocean liners and continents – nothing is safe as the Prince makes his way through the largest variety of stages in a single Katamari game ever.
  • New graphical styles give Katamari Forever a certain “je ne sais quoi” that all new Katamari games possess. A few of the new styles include Wood, which uses warm sepia tones to give stages a wooden feel, while Comic creates thick black outlines on every object while filling them in with deep, rich colors. Make sure to try them all out and find your favorite for a totally new way to experience the world of Katamari.