Monday, March 24, 2008

Wii - Opoona - Arriving Thursday

While on an interplanetary family vacation, the young boy Opoona crash lands on Planet Landroll after his spaceship is involved in a mysterious accident. Separated from his family, Opoona is forced to live alone. On the planet, Opoona must find a job, search for his siblings, and defend himself and the people of Landroll against creatures known as the Dark Rogues. Luckily for Opoona, he is the descendant of a long line of warriors known as the Cosmo Guards. Thus, Opoona's adventure begins as he struggles to establish a new life and reunite his family.

The Game is very similar to a style everyone has grown accustomed with in Harvest Moon, life simulation. As the game proggress you have to get accustomed to life, the town the people and even take on odd jobs. Getting to know the townsfolk and starting relationships is very important in this game to continue on and improve yourself. How will you raise Opoona in this new planet?

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