Thursday, June 19, 2008

PSP Super Robot Taisen A Portable - Import, In Stock

Super Robot Taisen A was first released on Gameboy Advance in 2001. Now, 7 years later, it is re-released on Sony PSP with lots of upgrades and new features. The story takes place in a futuristic post war period where the Earth is slowly recovering from two devastating wars.

  • The war features a large number of robots, from the mobile suits in the Gundam series to the original Banpresto creations.
  • New features in this revival of the classic game include replacing the attack and guard support system with a new one. Split your characters into the attack team and protect team and use them for different occasions.
  • The robots are equipped with a shield that deflects half of the damages you suffer. The higher level your characters are, the more frequent this shield appears.
  • Assign skills for your characters to learn. In this revival, you have the right to customize the skills of both robots and pilots.
  • All weapons can be upgraded in the game, so be sure to make use of this feature and prepare yourself for the difficult boss battles.

Real Arcade Pro Stick 2 SA - Back In Stock

For those of you who love fighting games, we have the perfect joystick for you. Built from quality steel plates locked down from six lugs, players will experience authentic arcade quality feel at a fraction of the price.

The arcade stick is built specifically for the playstation 1 and 2, but will work with playstation 3 with converters and adapters.

Orders placed today will ship within 24 hours.

Real Arcade Pro 3 Joystick - Back In Stock

Real Arcade Pro Joystick which uses the same form-factor and case of the other Real Arcade Pro sticks. Similar to earlier HRAPs, the new stick uses actual arcade buttons and a clicky Sanwa lollipop-style joystick to give gamers an authentic coin-op experience at home.

Hori uses a more elegant solution this time around and adds a "PS" button. The RAP3 connects to the PS3 by way of USB cable and the analog thumbsticks on the SixAxis controller may be emulated by toggling a slide lever which switches from D-pad, L-analog, or R-analog control.

Orders placed today will ship within 24 hours.

Neo Geo Stick 2 For Wii - Back In Stock

With a wave of Neo Geo classics winding their way to the Wii, there was only one thing SNK had to do to make sure the games played right: Release the original Neo Geo controller for the Wii and ensure that it works with the Virtual Console as well.

  • Arcade style fighting contoller
  • Based on SNK's Neo Geo stick
  • Suitable for Virtual Console games
Orders placed today will ship within 24 hours.