Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stock Update - PS3 Street Fighter IV 4 Fightpads

We received some good news! We may receive a small wave of ps3 street fighter IV fightpads tomorrow, with 360 street fighter 4 pads arriving the following week. So far, we're not putting them in stock, we don't want to get our hopes up, along with the hopes of our loyal customers, so we're waiting until it actually arrives.

If the controllers do in fact arrive, we will be updating our stock status immediately. Customers are encouraged to sign up for "email me when the item is back in stock" notifications. Quantities are extremely allocated and items will be sold on a first come first serve basis.

I also have spoken to madcatz. Second wave allocations are still filling first wave pre-orders. A 3rd wave will be released end of april early may. We estimate that demand will insta-die down at that time, and major surpluses of the sticks will surface. We have sticks on order, but will adjust our quantities accordingly.

Stock Update - DS Ganbare Goemon: Toukai Douchuu (Konami the Best)

Many customers have been asking us to bring back Goemon. Japanese suppliers seem to have been sold out of this title for quite some time, our only alternatives are to send our suppliers out on foot to purchase this title from local shops in hopes that their prices aren't too inflated.

Any orders placed on the website will be priced as normal, but if the local shop prices are inflated, we will contact our customers to reconfirm at the new price.

Custom Street Fighter Joy Sticks - Stock/Order Update

Japan Video Games has teamed up once again with super joystick magnate MAS to create custom joysticks for street fighter IV and other fighting games. First samples have arrived today for extensive testing. Results will be posted tomorrow. We have also heard rumors that madcatz may be releasing a batch of joysticks and fightpads within the week, we will keep you posted on any updates.

Here are some specs of the custom made joysticks:
  • Heavy Duty construction using real 3/4 inch thick High Density Particle Board Wood
  • Ultimate Joystick (Available in Hard or Soft Spring) or Competition Joystick (Medium Spring with choice of the stick color: Black. Red or Blue) with reliable and long lasting Cherry switches from Happ Controls. Also available is the Optional Perfect 360 Joystick (an All Optical device with no Mechanical Parts for super quiet operation-no clicking sounds from any mechanical switches)
  • Choice of Push Buttons: Ultimate type (Concave) with vertical-mount Cherry switches or Competition type with horizontal-mount Cherry switches(Convex Japanese style) from Happ Controls
  • JAMMA Ready with Auxiliary connector for easy access to additional Push Buttons also known as the Kick Buttons in games such as Killer Instinct or Street Fighter
  • Built-in 3-Inch speaker
  • Stereo Audio outputs : RCA jacks for both Left/Right channels
  • All Video formats available : Composite Video, S-Video (Y/C), and RGB (Custom Cable is required depending on the Monitor type)
  • Net Weight: 10 lbs per controller
After testing, we will report immediate results tomorrow morning, if test results go well, we will be bringing in some for the general public.

Pre-Order Update - New DSi Colors - 3/20 - Lime Green / Metallic Blue / Pink - $219.99

We received news late last night that Japan will be releasing 3 new colors for the DSi. With american releases scheduled for 4/5, we're confident import fanatics will be snatching these colors just as quickly. With Pink / Metallic Blue / Lime Green on the new roster, pre-orders are set at $219.99 and will ship on 3/20.