Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Arrival Update - NINTENDO USB PC CONTROLLER - $24.99

Our Price: $24.99
Release Date: 10/01/2009
Genre: Accessory
Company: 3rd Party
Version: US

  • Compatible with Win98/ME/2000/2003/XP/Vista
  • Not Compatible with Vista 64-Bit
  • USB game controller perfectly recreates the original NES version
  • Connects with USB
  • No drivers required
  • Great for MAME or other Emulators
  • The controller is not wireless, there is a cord attached to the top of the controller

New Pre-Order - Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable: The Battle of Aces [Limited Edition] - 01/21/2010 - $169.99

Our Price: $169.99
Release Date: 01/21/2010
UPC: 4582224497195
Genre: Action
Company: Bandai Namco Games
Version: Japan

  • Bandai Namco games proves that every one could be a mage and that everyone could become a magical girl. Join Nanoha on her adventures in the Battle of Aces and engage in magical battles. Based on the plot in the second series, each girl gets original sortlines written by the story's author Tsuzuki Maki.
  • Besides new plot lines, there are new CG screens and voice clips you can collect along your way. Try out all the girls' different skills and face challenges they met during the series. Long range, short range, and air battles require different tactics, make sure your brain spins as fast as you can executing those moves!
  • Nanoha A's Portable: The Battle of Aces is available in both limited and standard versions. The limited package comes with a figure of Nanoha, posters, a towel, a pouch, a cleaner, a set of stickers, and a visual book!

New Pre-Order - Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos [Gekitou Pack] (Sony PSP)

Our Price: $129.99
Release Date: 12/17/2009
UPC: 4582224499199
Genre: RPG
Company: Bandai Namco Games
Version: Japan

Hello all! We have begun pre-orders for this very limited Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos game! This limited edition pack is sure to sell out extremely fast so place your pre-orders today!

New Arrival Update - Tomodachi Collection (Import DS) - $49.99

Our Price: $49.99
Release Date: 6/18/2009
UPC: 4902370517804
Genre: Misc
Company: Nintendo
Version: Japan

-from siliconera-
  • Nintendo’s portable Mii playground, Tomodachi Collection, came out in Japan today and not much is known about it. Thanks to a demo on Japan’s Nintendo channel I got to try the game out.
  • The premise of the game is to keep Miis living on the island happy. You start the game by a making Mii and setting personality traits. The full game includes an option to import Miis from a Wii instead of designing them from scratch.
  • Once settled in an apartment players can feed their Mii ramen, orange juice, and croquettes. You can drop in on the floor and they’ll walk over to. Or, if you’re kinder you, can directly hand food to them. Eating is one of the ways to fill up your Mii’s satisfaction meter, which rewards players with money used to buy more food.
  • When Miis have needs a thought bubble with a scribble appears. Poke the bubble and the Mii will tell you what they want. One of the three Miis in my care wanted to dress up in a cartoon cat suit with a tail. Sure, why not? I gave him the cat suit, he changed into it, and his satisfaction meter jumped to level two. Players can also change the look of each Mii’s apartment by dropping layouts like “European Style”, which is a green room with a checkered floor.
  • Miis in Tomodachi Collection also have the ability to talk. They greet you by saying things like “hello” (in Japanese, of course) when you visit them and speak full sentences explaining what they want. All of this is done with a flexible speech synthesizer. You can even make Miis say custom phrases up to sixteen kana characters long. The Miis can even “speak” a limited amount of English. You write words, but they just read letters with a Japanese accent. So, “dude” comes out as dee-uoo-dee-eee. Still, pretty neat to see Nintendo included this in.