Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Stock Update - What's going on with the Wii, Wii Fit, and PS3 Prices?

Bottom line, all three items are rapidly dropping in price. Wholesale levels of the wii and wii fit are at all time lows, with the ps3 160gb drakes unfortune bundle depreciating at the quickest levels.

Why? Demand is a huge issue. Certain suppliers even ask you to purchase DSi's at a one to one ratio with a Wii, meaning that for each DSi you want, you must purchase one Nintendo Wii. This just signals that supply has finally caught up with demand for the wii and wii fit.

As for the ps3 160gb unit, I guess it was only a matter of time before the unit dropped close to 80gb prices. It's a possibility that with the way the economy is going, the ps3 80gb will drop to $299 (and potentially even change to $160gb at that price) and the $499 retail priced ps3 will just be discontinued.

General Update - How is the free madcatz tournament edition giveaway going?

What a great kickoff to the sweepstakes! We've received countless signups today and we're hoping to receive much more in the coming months. As for the privacy issues concerning email selling, you won't have to worry. We're not allowed to even view a list or even get close to a list of people who have subscribed, but we can verify each subscription as they come in.

Why does the winner need to provide a drivers license? This is to ensure fair competition among all candidates and to prevent spammers from creating multiple names with multiple addresses.

We will be changing up our sweepstakes next month with new prizes, new rules, and new ways to win even more items! Stay tuned!

Restock Update - Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 SA Fighting Stick From HoriStore - Mid June

Release Date: 12/18/2008
UPC: HP3-53
Genre: Joystick
Company: Hori
Version: Japan
We've also received updated reports from Japan stating that Hori of Japan currently has open pre-orders for the real arcade pro 3 sa. Why is this stick so rare and worth so much? Here's why:
Cord - 3m
Connection - USB
Platform - PS3
Release Date - 12/18/08
Availability - Only From Horistore.com
Stick - Special Sanwa Joystick (JLF-TP-8YT-SK)
Buttons - Sanwa Models OBSF-30 & OBSF-24
Weight - 2600g
Size - 412 x 243 x 135mm

We have pre-ordered a serious amount of sticks, we're talking SERIOUS amounts. We don't anticipate any to arrive until mid-June though, as the second batch of SA 3 sticks are set to release 4/30/09 from Hori Japan. Price may change, but we're confident it will stay at most $299.99. Pre-Orders aren't open at the moment, but will open as soon as soon as we confirm stock.

Pre-Order Update - Death Smiles Hori Arcade Stick - 4/23

We have just received news from our Japanese suppliers that these death smiles hori arcade sticks will not be available this month. Hori Japan will be opening pre-orders again for us within the coming weeks and a second batch will be released mid July. Because of the potential high cost of the item, we will not be opening pre-orders until we've confirmed that our Japanese suppliers have the items on hand.

Because of the unique design and rarity of the product, we're expecting prices to potentially drive upward of $300. Stay tuned.

Stock Update - DSi US Systems - SOLD OUT, Restock Friday

We've sold out of the new US DSi Colors today, we're expecting full restocks on both colors on Friday. Unfortunately, price is still above retail and we're hoping to see a few price breaks within the coming weeks. Each DSi arrived today in pristine condition, with two seals and a crimson red sticker which promotes free goddies that Nintendo is offering.

On first impression, the unit is extremely well built, with advertising focusing heavily on DSi downloadables and the two cameras. Gamestop and other retail chains are upping the ante on trade in value for old ds's. Why aren't we? Because simply put, we probably have more ds lites than most gamestops in our district combined.

Blowout Update - Sony PS3 Dual Shock 3 Black Controller - In Stock Now!

Release Date: 4/7/2007
UPC: 711719805007
Genre: Accessory
Company: Sony Computer Entertainment
Version: US
We're blowing them out! That's right! No longer are they $54.99 at major retailer electronic stores, we're bringing them to you at a very affordable cost of $39.99!

New Contest Status - Qualify to Win a ps3 / 360 Street Fighter 4 Tournament Edition Stick Madcatz Stick FREE!

UPC: 728658015589 - 360 - Brand Spankin' New
UPC: 728658015534 - PS3 - Brand Spankin' New

That's right people! We're giving away a free ps3/360 stick! Just one of your choice!

Why? What's the catch?

We'll be honest here, to promote the new blog, it isn't the first time a company has used free goodies to entice a subscription. Please click on the image to the left for more contest details. That's all you have to do! Subscribe to the blog and qualify to win a stick!