Thursday, November 5, 2009

In Stock 11/05/2009 - PS3 Hori Blazblue Fighting Stick Joystick - $149.99

Our Price: $149.99
Release Date: 6/25/2009
UPC: 4961818011618
Genre: Fighting
Company: Arc System Works
Version: HP3-56

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger is a two-dimensional fighting arcade game by Arc System Works, the staff behind the Guilty Gear series. It was released on November 19, 2008 in Japan and November 20, 2008 in the United States. It will later be released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on 6/25/09. It is a spiritual successor to Guilty Gear. A playable demo was presented at AOU 2008. The game is currently released for the Taito Type X2 arcade system board, with a 16:9 ratio and 768p resolution.

  • Stick: JLF-TP-8Y-SK-DB
  • Dimensions: 243mmx135mmx412mm
  • Weight: 2600g
  • Length of Cord: 3m

  • The game uses an 8-directional joystick, common to most fighting games, and 4 attack buttons: Light (A), Middle (B), Heavy (C), and Drive (D), the latter of which activates unique special abilities for each character. Throw and Throw Escape are performed by pressing B and C at the same time. In addition to basic dashing and jumping, there are also double jumps, high jumps and air dashes.

  • Guard Libra: When guarding or forcing your opponent to guard, this gauge will shift. When it fills up completely to one side, the guarding player will undergo a Barrier Crush and will be stunned temporarily.
  • Barrier Gauge: A gauge that regenerates over time, used for Barrier Guard. The defense capability of a character is lowered for a set period of time when this gauge reaches zero.
  • Barrier Guard: Pushes back the opponent and prevents the Guard Libra from shifting. Performed by pressing A and B at the same time while guarding.
  • Barrier Burst: Pushes the opponent away, even when guarding or receiving damage, thus canceling the enemy's combo in the latter case. If used offensively and guarded by the opponent, they will undergo a Barrier Crush. Uses 100% of the Barrier Gauge and leaves it to zero for the remainder of the round. Performed by pressing all four buttons at the same time.
  • Heat Gauge: An energy gauge needed to perform Distortion Drives and Rapid Cancels.
  • Counter Assault: Counters an opponent's attack while guarding. Consumes 50% of the Heat Gauge. Performed by pressing forward, A and B at the same time while guarding.
  • Rapid Cancel: Cancels the recovery time of an attack. Consumes 50% of the Heat Gauge. Performed by pressing A, B and C at the same time while attacking.
  • Distortion Drive: Special attacks unique to each character. Consumes 50% of the Heat Gauge. Performed with some arrow motions plus the Drive button.
  • Astral Heat: Special attacks unique to each character. Consumes 100% of the Heat Gauge. The conditions for using Astral Heats are simple: the player has to be fighting in the last round of each match, and his/her opponent has to have 20% of their health left. The player can then input the buttons needed for the Astral Heat. Astral Heats can be considered similar to Guilty Gear's Instant Kills.

In Stock 11/05/2009 - Afrika (Sony Playstation 3) - $49.99

Our Price: $49.99
Release Date: 10/6/2009
UPC: 719593130017
Genre: Misc
Company: Natsume
Version: USA

You are a photographer in an open free world with your camera or your RC-cameratruck shooting photos from all kind of animals you are able to find in Africas wildlife. The photos you made are saved like a lexicon where you can find all data about this animal and real taken documentations.This game is developed for people who want to see Africa and the vegetation but can't travel there in their live.

  • Over 70 animals to find and more than 100 missions to complete
  • Animals behave and interact with each other just like their real-world counterparts
  • Explore environments ranging from grassland to marsh to forest!
  • Innovative photo grading system teaches you the skills of a professional photographer

In Stock 11/05/2009 - Fullmetal Alchemist: Senaka wo Takuseshi Mono (Import PSP) - $52.99

Our Price: $52.99
Release Date: 10/15/2009
UPC: 4582224492930
Genre: Action
Company: Bandai Namco Games
Version: Japan

In Stock 11/05/2009 - Chotto Shot w/Camera for Sony PSP (Old & Slim) - $59.99

Our Price: $59.99
Release Date: 11/1/2006
UPC: 4948872914161
Genre: Accessory
Company: Sony
Version: Japan

Using the PSP camera, Chotto Shot lets you edit photos and movies by adding background music, effects, and a variety of other options.

  • The camera mounts atop the Sony PSP via the USB connection slot, and a screw. It is a 1.3 megapixel camera, meaning it takes photographs with a resolution of 1280 x 960 (5” x 7” printed), similar to cameras found in older cellular phones. The camera is able to record video with audio to the VIDEO menu in the PSP navigation bar.

  • The PSP camera can use firmware version 3.00 or higher to take photographs or videos with English on-screen instructions. Users can do so by selecting CAMERA under the PHOTO menu. Once taken, the photo or video will then be saved to the user’s memory stick. Saved videos can be uploaded to the internet from any wireless connection.

In Stock 11/05/2009 - Japan Xbox Live Points - (3,500 points) [Dream Club Limited Version A] (Microsoft Xbox 360) - $59.99

Our Price: $59.99 1 LEFT
Release Date: 10/08/2009
UPC: 4988648688049
Genre: Point Card
Company: Microsoft
Version: Japan-56P-00182

  • Works on Japanese Xbox 360 Network Only
  • The Code for the card will be emailed to you after purchase!
  • Be sure to use a secure email address!