Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Stock Update - Akuma Street Fighter 4 Fightpads

Sorry folks, we received no 360 akuma's in this shipment. Akuma is so rare that even amazon doesn't have them. Each of the 4-set randomized boxes comes with generally one per character, but every so often, if lucky, we'll receive one akuma to every thousand fightpads

Today was such not the case. Please be advised that the emails sent out today were for all other four styles; Chun Li / Ryu / Ken / Blanka. Because the item was sourced locally, the price has been adjusted to $59.99 per controller.

Pre-Order Update - Biohazard 5 Limited Edition - E-Capcom

For those that have wondered about the e-capcom biohazard 5 Limited bundle, we will receive updated news tonight on exactly how many we will be receiving later this week for both ps3 / 360.

The bundle will be appropriately priced as soon as the item arrives. Cost will vary because of the rare nature of the plus the fact that we can only have our Japanese suppliers order these from the official ecapcom website, thus increasing costs.

Please stay tuned, updated news to come soon!

Stock Update - Madcatz 360 Street Fighter IV 4 Fight Pads - In Stock!

An small wave of 360 street fighter IV 360 fight pads have arrived! We're opening each box in hopes of receiving an akuma fight pad, though we believe the chances are zero to none. We expect these to sell quite quickly, backorders will be filled today, akuma pre-orders will be cancelled and refunded.