Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bongo International - Our New International Partner

We have partnered with Bongo International to fulfill our international orders. Bongo provides our international visitors with their own US forwarding address. Once you have completed your order, we will ship your items to the Bongo warehouse for export to your country. Your new US address will allow you to purchase goods from other US retailers as well. Consolidating all US purchases into one shipment can our international clientele up to 82% off typical international shipping rates.

Stock Update - 4/21/09 - Sony PS3 Madcatz Street Fighter 4 IV FightPads - In Stock Now!

Luckily, all the fighting pads for ps3 are in stock! We're also receiving more this friday. We're keeping a healthy stock and hope to receive even more the following week. 360 versions are expected within two weeks from madcatz.
Pre-orders are still closed until we confirm that stock is arriving. 360 Madcatz controllers may be priced differently than their ps3 counterparts.

360 has been short on many fighting accessories as of late, signaling a strong demand. We hope to be able to sell these at retail, but if our buying price is above retail, we'll adjust accordingly. 360 tournament edition sticks are also on their way, but it's difficult to say whether or not we'll receive more than three to four pieces at a time.

Shipment Update - Sony PS3 Street Fighter 4 IV FightStick Tournament Edition - Some In Stock, But More Arriving Late This Week

Price: $249.99
Release Date:
UPC: 728658015534
Genre: Joystick
Company: Mad Catz
Version: US
4/21/09 Update - We've locked down another wave of these hard to find PS3 TE Sticks and we expect them to arrive end of this week. Price is still set at $249.99 due to scarcity and high inflated premium costs that we, as the seller, have to pay to even get these. We've been receiving many inquiries as to whether or not the stick is actually in stock. I can say, 100%, the stick is in stock. Right now we have less than two digits left, but if there are any back-orders from now until friday, we expect them to be filled in less than one week.

Stock Update - 4/24/09 - Death Smiles Regular Version 360 - This Friday

Price - $69.99
Arrival - This Friday
Release Date: 4/23/2009
UPC: 4988648657892
Genre: Shooting
Company: Cave
Version: Japan
-from wikipedia-
Deathsmiles is a horizontal side scrolling shoot 'em up arcade game by Japanese developer Cave, released in late 2007. Its is notable for is aesthetic style, featuring heavy occult and gothic influences. It is only the second Cave shoot 'em up to be played using a horizontally-oriented monitor (the first being Progear no Arashi).

In the August 25-31 2008 issue of Famitsu Weekly, Cave announced a Xbox 360 port of the game.

New game modes include a Xbox 360 mode, and Ver 1.1 mode. In Ver 1.1 mode, players can independently controls familiar, via the XBox 360 controller. Lock shot, powerup shot are located on different buttons. Player can also adjust screen brightness, background frame, game screen position and zoom.

Downloadable contents include Mega Black Label features. Limited edition includes Manabu Namiki Selection Deathsmiles Premium Arrange Album soundtrack CD. Hori produced a controller for the XBox 360 game.

Instead of the typical lives in traditional shooters, player is given a pool of life points (initially 3). 1 point is lost when player is hit by bullet, 1/2 point when colliding with enemy or hit by a non-bullet attack. The game ends when player's life point is depleted. Life points can be restored by items, and the maximum life point is increased when reaching certain scores (default 20 and 45 million points).

When an enemy is destroyed, it fires a yellow counter bullet that is smaller than the regular bullet fired from an enemy. When the familiar is hit by counter bullet, player's item counter is increased, which leads to increase score. However, stage boss does not fire counter bullet.


  • Windia: Wind user.
  • Casper: Phantom user.
  • Follett: Fire user.
  • Rosa: Fairy user.
  • Sakura: Stage B-2 boss. In Mega Black Label, it is also a playable character.


  • Left shot: Press A button.
  • Right shot: Press B button.
  • Auto lock shot: Press A and B button simultaneously. Player fires when familiar chooses a target.
  • Bomb: Press C button.

When holding a shot button, player and familiar fire different shot pattern from tapping shot button.

Bullets are blocked by walls, but does not injure player when touching walls.


Each player has an accompanying familiar, which can fire its own shots and chooses target in auto lock shot. It can also block enemy bullets. It's movement is opposite to player's.


Jewelry can gain points. LifeUp recovers life points. Magic gains 1 bomb.

When player obtains an item, the item counter is increased (maximum 1000). When item counter is full, press A and B button simultaneously causes both player and familiar to fire more powerful shots than normal, while item counter begins to decrease. When player collides with enemy in this state, player does not lose life point. Enemy also drops more item when destroyed by powered shots. The powerup effect continues until item counter reaches 0.


Stages are arranged in Chapter and Scene format, with 3 Chapters and 2 Scenes per Chapter for the first 6 stages. Player can choose the order of stages by arranging the A, B, C at the beginning. The stage order within A, B, C cannot be changed. When choosing a stage, player can choose difficulty levels between 1 to 3 (or 999 in MBL).

After completing 6 stages (Chapter 3 Scene 2), the FINAL stage (Chapter 4) begins, which is organized in 2 parts. However, player can choose EXTRA stage if certain conditions are met at the end of Stage Chapter 3 Scene 2.


  • Deathscythe: Stage A-1 boss.
  • Jordan: Stage A-2 boss.
  • Whroon: Stage B-1 boss.
  • Sakura: Stage B-2 boss. In Mega Black Label, it is also a playable character.
  • Mary: Stage C-1 boss.
  • Bavaria: Stage C-2 boss.
  • Beastdog: EXTRA stage mid-boss.
  • Devaria, Givaria: EXTRA stage bosses.
  • Jitterbug: Chapter 4 boss.
  • Tyrannosatan: Final Chapter 4 boss.

Stock Update - Demon's Souls (Asia Version) PS3

Price: $69.99
Release Date:
UPC: 4948872960717
Genre: Sony Computer Entertainment
Company: RPG
Version: Asia
Sorry guys, bad news again, our supplier from Hong Kong has just notified us that a shipment from the manufacturer did not make it in today as promised. We've received news that it will be delayed until 4/27. If they do ship for us on the 27th, we will receive it on Wednesday the 29th.