Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bleach Soul Carnival PSP - Import Pre-Order

Sony releases another Bleach game onto the PSP! Boasting over 70 characters, Bleach: Soul Carnival promises exciting gameplay with its new implementation of these tiny chibi-infused 2d fighters. Since we're nearing the end of the series, its nice to see Ulquiorra dousing the front cover. When will a vizard ever make it to the front cover? I guess we'll have to wait.

We will be receiving an abnormally large shipment of these games 4th week of October. We anticipate that with an increasing number of bleach fans, these minature fighters will make a definite knockout.

Pre-Orders are welcome at $48.90 and will ship on or around 10/23/08.

Harvest Moon: Waku Waku Animal Match

Harvest moon makes a grand entrance onto the Wii as Harvest Moon: Waku Waku Animal Match. Upon starting the game, players start their new farming business in Harmonica Town. Trouble starts to build, land starts to dry, and wind becomes weak. Fans must visit the goddess to find out the causes of these fatalities. Besides growing, farming, and feeding livestock; players enjoy an easy and relaxing type of play. Marvelous Entertainment has increased the animal count substantially. In addition, players could earn love points through conversations with specific residents to put toward the Love and Marriage system. The game also allows for up to 4 players to play simultaneously. The multi-player mode is kept a secret currently, but you can be sure that this title will be another adventure for all Harvest Moon fans!

Pre-Orders are welcome at $59.90 and will ship Fall/2008 TBA

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon DS+ - New Import Pre-Order - 10/30/2008

Chocobo's Dungeon is coming to the DS! Ported from the Wii, Chocobo Dungeon's story line closely follows the Wii version. Follow Cid and Chocobo as they investigate the "Town of Lostime" and help recover the memories of the residents from the deep dungeon.

Players will also see a reoccurring cast are not only limited to Shiroma (the white wizard), Stella (Shiroma's aunt), Croma (the black wizard), Raffaello (the mysterious child)), Irma (the treasure hunter) and her Chocobo Volg. Dual screen displays expand functionality as top screen will show Chocobo's condition, map, and conversation dialog, while bottom screen will allow full player access to Chocobo.

During battle modes, the top screen will display vital information including experience points, level, and health, all to leave you with more room to fight. Chocobo's attack is based on normal attack, magic, and his job's special attack. The new DS version will not only provide the original 10 job class, but will also add some new jobs. Though information is limited, we do know that new jobs will be chosen from the red wizard, poet, summoner, machinist and hero X. Each job will include different outfits for Chocobo on top of new special attacks and skills.

The DS Version will also feature a new storyline centering on Cid's adventures. We also know that players are able to use the starship to guide Cid to unlock the secrets of his secret grandpa "Kulin."

Pre-Orders are welcome at $48.90 and will ship on or around 10/30/08