Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stock Update - Another Demons Souls PS3 Update

Release Date: 2/5/2009
UPC: 4948872960717
Genre: Sony Computer Entertainment
Company: RPG
Version: Asia
-General Update-
We've receive news late last night that a shipment from Hong Kong has been delayed until the 16th, which means that once our suppliers ship from overseas, we won't receive them until Monday. All backorders are now expected to ship by 4/20. We're expecting a healthy amount, additional orders are still welcome.

General Update - Final Fantasy Advent Children Cloud Black & Final Fantasy XIII Demo

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete [First Print w/ Final Fantasy XIII Trial Demo Version] - 4988601461399 - $69.99

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete [Cloud Black Edition] - 4988601461399 - 4988601461405 - $699.99

Shipments of the final fantasy bluray with demo were shipped out from our Japanese suppliers yesterday. We're expecting a healthy stock arriving tomorrow by 12 p.m. pacific standard time. All backorders will be fulfilled tomorrow. The advent children cloud black edition system/console is shipping today from a different supplier, we're expecting bundles to arrive by friday. We'll announce any delays if they arise.