Monday, March 24, 2008

PSP - Final Fantasy Crisis Core - Arriving Wednesday

The next installment of the Final Fantasy series, and a prologue in the Final Fantasy 7 Universe, Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 doesn't have you take control of Cloud, or Vincent this time, but someone everyone thought was a minor character in Final Fantasy 7, Zack Fair. While Zack was mentioned a few times in Final Fantasy 7 not too much was known about him, he had much to do with Cloud, and even Tifa and Aerith, but not too much, other than dying protecting Cloud (Final Fantasy 7 OVA).

Now we get a deeper look into Zack, his relationships with Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, and even his mentors Angel and Sephiroth. The game introduces a new battle system named Digital Mind Wave, which is a reel that gives random abilities/powers.

Everything you learned to love in Final Fantasy 7 is still here, summons, Materia and even many of the characters return for this prequel to the 1997 Hit Final Fantasy 7, and after beating this game, your heart might skip to know what is in store for the Final Fantasy 7 universe.

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