Thursday, July 31, 2008

Three New Kingdom Hearts Games Announced

Kingdom Hearts, known as one of the best made crossover-rpg’s by Square Enix, has been expanding its platform boundaries. Prior to jumping onto NDS, PSP, and Mobile phones, Kingdom Hearts made its dear mark on the ps2 and gba. So far, Square Enix has created three different stories on three different platforms but the connections are still unknown. Square Enix has announced 3 new titles:

·Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days – (NDS, 2008)

·Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep – (PSP, TBA)

·Kingdom Hearts: Coded (Mobile Phone, TBA)

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days” (NDS 2008)

So far, we only know of two major characters and Organization XIII. The main character Roxas, known as the “nobody” or “stand” of the hero Sora, remains. Besides Roxas, Axel, number eight member of Organization XIII is also included. Axel’s plays the big brother roll of fellow rookie Roxas in Organization XIII (doesn’t this sound similar to FFVII crisis core?).

We can guess that the timeline of the story will likely between Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II. In this time, we will most likely find out what has happened while Sora was sleeping, and even better yet, we can understand the secrets of Organization XIII and the secrets of the 14th member. (And of course, we will see Happy Micky and his fiend again). The time line of the story is about one year, thus giving birth to the title, “Kingdom hearts 358/2 days.”

Besides an old lock-on system, players are now able to reflect an enemies attack. In addition, the game can actually be played in both single-player mode (story mode) and multiplayer mode (for missions). You could play the story mode whilst alone, and fight the “heartless” with your friends together. The game allows you to use members of Organization XIII in multiplayer mode. During multiplayer missions, the system will record each player’s score and reset the heights of each player’s seats by score.

“Birth by Sleep” and “Coded” still lack sufficient information, but we speculate “Birth by Sleep’s” story line to precede Kingdom Hearts. The story will introduce the previous owner of the “Key Sword” and provide a more in depth look at Sora. Though there are still many circulating rumors, one thing is for sure; the fun of “Kingdom Hearts” is back!