Monday, July 13, 2009

Random Update - Dragon Quest DSi Accessories Update

Dragon Quest IX DSi Pouch - The dragon quest DSi pouch will make it into our retail and distribution location on the morning of 7/14/09. All pre-orders are expected to ship tomorrow morning.

Dragon Quest IX DSi Seal - The DQ9 DSi seal is making its way by the end of this week. Unfortunately, Nintendo hasn't released a US white version of the DSi where the seal would look its best.

Dragon Quest IX Protect Case DSi - Our Japanese suppliers have the items in stock and are shipping these out in a few days, meaning that they will reach our destination by end of the week as well.

Dragon Quest IX Slime Speaker Stand - The speaker stand is also slated to come in by the end of the week. We're waiting on a few last minute consolidations before having the entire order ship out through our distributors.

Pre-Order Update - Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 SA Fighting Joystick Stick (HP3-53) - 10/19/09 - USA Version

Price - $119.99
Release Date:
UPC: HP3-53
Genre: Joystick
Company: Hori
Version: USA
Hori USA has also announced a pre-order for their highly anticipated 3 SA, which was formerly only available through hori Japan at outrageous costs. Bringing the joystick stateside has normalized the price. It will be available close to the release of Tekken 6.
  • Sanwa parts used for stick lever and all buttons.
  • The 8 main buttons are designed and placed on same layout as the arcades.
  • Analog control switch. Stick control can be toggled to left & right stick control.
  • Turbo (20times/sec) function can be set up on all buttons.
  • Wide body and heavy weight gives added stability for better gameplay.
  • Cable length: approximately 3m

Pre-Order Update - Xbox 360 Real Arcade Pro. EX-SE (HX3-42) - 10/19/09 - $139.99

Our Price: $139.99
Release Date: 10/19/2009
UPC: HX3-42
Genre: Accessory
Company: Hori
Version: USA
Hori is finally releasing a US bound version of the Real Arcade Pro EX SE, all made from seimetsu parts!

  • Exclusively for Xbox 360
  • Made By Hori
  • Authentic Seimetsu Buttons
  • Lollipop style joystick
  • Cord: 3M
  • Stick: LS-32
  • Buttons(L): PS-14-G
  • Buttons(S): PS-14-D

New Arrival Update - Slipon DSi Peanuts (Pink, Blue, Gray, Black, Crocodile)

Slipon DSi Peanuts (Pink) Slipon DSi Peanuts (Blue) Slipon DSi Peanuts (Gray) Slipon DSi Peanuts (Black)

I think we have too many DSi cases, a literal bombardment of Hori cases, 3rd party china cases, and finally, Takaratomy cases. You can't fit any games inside in nicely cutout slots, but you can certainly squeeze the DSi in with styluses on the side. The faces for each slip on come in two faces, one for the front, and one for the back. Compatible for DSi only, we wouldn't suggest stuffing a DS lite in there.