Monday, May 19, 2008

UEFA Euro 2008 for PS3/PSP/PS2/360 - Ships 5/22/08

UEFA EURO 2008 features stunning visual representations of the world’s
best players, playing in a more accessible, faster-paced and responsive version
of the market-leading EA SPORTS soccer engine, and all of the teams and official
stadiums that will be part of UEFA EURO 2008. Take on the challenge of leading
one of over 50 European national teams to glory as UEFA EURO 2008 recreates
all of the drama and excitement of the official tournament in Austria and
Switzerland. Play as your favorite country from qualification right through
to a virtual reproduction of the championship tournament.

More Information & Innovative Features:

A new game mode called Captain Your Country enables gamers to customize them
on the pitch and wear the shirt of their national team. Work through eight
status levels to earn the captaincy of your team and then lead your country
into battle for championship glory against your rivals. Go online in Battle
of the Nations to earn status points for yourself and your country in a competition
for global supremacy. Go for the biggest upsets to earn the most points and
then watch you and your country move up the leader boards. Face the challenge
and pressure of competing in the championship rounds in the EURO Online Knockout
Draw to test your skills against the world’s best.

UEFA EURO 2008 captures the look and feel of the journey from qualification
to the finals with rain and mud dynamics that impact playing conditions, real-time
player ratings that change based on player performance, and a penalty kick
mode that re-creates the elation and agony of a penalty shoot-out as if you
were on the pitch. Experience the thrill of scoring the goal that sends your
country through to the next round and then choose how to celebrate it with
all-new interactive user-controlled celebrations.

Captain your country, play alongside your heroes, and inspire them to championship
glory in the official videogame of UEFA EURO 2008™.

  • Win UEFA EURO 2008 ™ — Compete as one of 52 teams from qualification right
    through to a virtual reproduction of UEFA EURO 2008™ in Austria and Switzerland.

  • Captain Your Country – Play as yourself on the same team with up to three
    friends, all playing individual positions on the pitch. Compete collaboratively
    to win games but compete against each other for the captaincy. Develop your
    player through eight status levels to earn the captaincy of your country and
    the right to lead your team.

  • Create Yourself – Play alongside your heroes by customizing yourself in
    game. Place your name on your jersey, then earn experience points to enhance
    your skills and reputation.

  • Battle of the Nations — Represent your country online against your rivals
    around the world to win global supremacy. Earn individual and team points.
    Think your nation is the best? Now you can prove it!

  • EURO Online Knockout Draw— Battle gamers from other nations online in 16-team
    single elimination tournaments to gain points for your nation. Enhanced Penalty
    Kicks --

  • Experience the challenge of a penalty shoot-out as if you were on the pitch.
    Master your nerves to score the goal that puts your team in the UEFA EURO
    2008™ final.

  • Interactive Celebrations — Score a goal and then control your player’s movements
    and actions to celebrate the way you want to.

  • Dynamic Rain and Mud — Winter weather from across Europe is authentically
    re-created to simulate real-world playing conditions. Experience driving rain
    that creates sloppy, muddy pitches which dramatically impacts passing andplayer
    performance. Home &

  • Away Match Strategy– CPU mimics international soccer by creating strategic,
    defensive formations for away teams intent on playing for a draw.

  • Authentic Stadiums — Compete in all 8 official stadiums of UEFA EURO 2008™.

  • Team Managers — Watch reactions from team managers on the sideline as they
    shout encouragement or become disappointed in your team’s performance. EA
    SPORTS Soccer game.

  • Engine – An evolution of the market leading EA SPORTS soccer engine with
    enhanced goalkeeper AI, collisions, and trapping that make this the best-playing
    EA SPORTS soccer game.

  • Story of Qualifying — Play the qualifying campaign and step up at key defining
    moments to lead your country to Europe’s biggest prize. Complete team and
    individual tasks.

  • Dynamic Player Ratings — Real-time player ratings change based on actual
    player performance, simulating the momentum swings of a real season.