Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In Stock Now - Ryu ga Gotoku: Of the End (Import Playstation 3) - $99.99

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Release Date: 6/9/2011
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Genre: Action Adventure
Company: Sega
Version: Region Free - BLJM-60316
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Ryƫ ga Gotoku Of the End is an upcoming action-adventure video game, developed and published by Sega exclusively for the PlayStation 3. The game will be the seventh installment in the Yakuza series. The game's concept and keyword is "destruction"; a promotional image for the game has shown the series' main locale, Kamurocho, in ruins.

Leaked scans of the Famitsu issue released on September 16, the first day of the 2010 Tokyo Game Show, revealed that the game will be a set during a zombie outbreak in Kamurocho and reportedly after the events of Yakuza 4. The game is currently scheduled to release in Japan on March 17, 2011 which is two days after the release of Yakuza 4 in North America.

  • Similarly to Yakuza 4, the game will feature multiple playable main characters; four characters have been confirmed.
  • Kazuma Kiryu, the series' main protagonist since the first game, will return, as will as Goro Majima, also a series regular since the first installment.
  • Ryuji Goda of Yakuza 2 and Shun Akiyama, one of the four main characters in Yakuza 4, will also be playable characters.