Monday, March 24, 2008

PSP - Monster hunter 2nd G - Game Only - Arriving Thursday

A new Expansion of the Monster Hunter 2, this is an added bonus to those who have beaten and completed the quests on Monster Hunter 2. For those who haven't played Monster Hunter 2, Monster Hunter 2nd G has the original game plus expansions.

Finally which has been wanted in the game for a long time has been added by all the requests of the fans; Hunter Portable 2nd G will now support online co-operative play via the infrastructure mode. Aside from that, the game will also have faster loading times even when the BG option is turned on.

Other Features Include:
  • You can change sex at which point sex-specific gear will also change.
  • While hunting, an otomoail can be brought along, limited to one in single-player. There are many different types, with different patterns and abilities. They can be trained in the Ail Kitchen.
  • G-class quests are unlocked, and other upper-rank quests are added, including the top-rank "Village Chief" quest from Necote.
  • All data that isn't game breaking will carry over.
  • New monsters "Lightning Dragon Nargagarga", "Soaring Dragon Yamatsukami". Nargagarga looks like Tigarex in the body, and has a black panther motif (including face).
  • Palette swap of Daimyo Uzaza also appears.
  • New field "Deep Forest" in addition to previously-seen Volcano, Dunes, Cliffs, Forbidden Woods.
  • On sharpness gauge, purple is now above white
  • Mail for paint added.
  • Lightning-elemental gunlance added.
  • New varieties of hunter's pipes added.
So if your a Monster Hunter die hard fan, or its your first time playing this RPG style game is a must get. Coming in Thursday!

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