Saturday, July 11, 2009

Restock Update - Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ (Ultimate Hits) - $39.99

Our Price: $39.99
Release Date: 6/26/2008
UPC: 4988601005609
Genre: RPG
Company: Square Enix
Version: Japan

Ok guys, if you do not already have this game you need to order it NOW! This game is probably the one we have sold the most of, more than any other game in the store and on our website. If you are a kingdom hearts fan, you will be able to enjoy all the new extras that come in this version as well as the re: chain of memories! I'm going to list a few things that are new in this version that you will not find in the American version of this game. Order now!!

  • English Voice Cast
  • New Explorable Areas as well as redesigned navigation maps
  • A new "Serious Mode" Difficulty
  • New scenes that were featured in the Japanese manga have been added to the game
  • New boss battles against the mysterious Orginization XIII
  • A fight that was a cutscene in the original is now playable
  • The censored parts of the game are no longer censored
  • All Difficulty modes have been tweaked up

  • The game also contains a second disc which features a remake of the GBA game: Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, which is titled Kingdom Hearts: RE: Chain of memories. This Game's features are:

  • Rendered in fully 3D
  • KHII's Reaction commands system
  • New Cards and boss battles
  • New scenes and previous scenes are fully voiced in Japanese
  • Save data affects Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix

Price-Drop Update - Super Robot Taisen Wars K - $29.99!

Our Price: $29.99
Release Date: 4/2/2009
UPC: 4582224499182
Genre: Banpresto
Company: RPG
Version: Japan

This game continues the handheld trend of excluding Universal Century Gundam, but omits the Getter Robo franchise for the second time, features Mazinger Z as the sole Mazinger representative (usually accompanied by Great Mazinger or replaced with Mazinkaiser) and includes a series exclusively owned by Takara Tomy (a direct competitor to Namco Bandai in the toy/merchandise industry). Features the "Partner Battle System", similar to Original Generations' "Twin Battle System."

Pre-Order Update - Pokemon Heart Gold / Pokemon Soul Silver - $59.99 - 09/12/09

Our Price: $59.99
Release Date: 9/12/2009
UPC: 4902370517897
Genre: RPG
Company: Nintendo
Version: Japan

  • Pokemon Heart Gold is a remake of Pokemon Gold, a game which first came out in 2,000. It includes revamped graphics, various new Pokemon, and new forms of previously existing Pokemon.
  • The game also offers a special challenge after the main story is completed, in which the main character travels to the Hoenn region to catch one of two titans that fought 3 years earlier.
  • New characters include Lunah, the Dark type gym leader of Hoenn, and Sakura, the gardening enthusiast. Supports wi-fi connection and comes with a pedometer.