Monday, March 16, 2009

Shipment Update - Musou Orochi Z PS3 - Wednesday Arrival

Sorry for the slight delay folks, our shipment has cleared customs and is set to arrive on Wednesday. We are airing another batch out on wednesday/thursday if sold out, so that we may have them on the following monday.

Stock update - Carnival Colors PSP

We're confirming later on tonight on exactly when Spirited Green and Bright Yellow will come in. Friday will be a high probability, as not too many new games are releasing this week. Tax season has a choke hold on most american households for the coming weeks. Expect to see a slow movement in the coming weeks until May. Price remains at $249.99 for the core and $299.99 for the value pack.

Pre-Order Update - Retro Duo Snes / Nes - Limited Edition System - In Stock Now

Now you can play your vintage 8-bit and 16-bit game collection on this new 2 in 1 system! One of the things I like about this unit is the sheer design.
  • Air-through Vent to prevent Overheating
  • 5V AC Adapter for Energy Efficiency
  • Power Switch Button V2.0
  • S-Video Connection Capability
  • Dual Game Cartridge Slots
  • 2 Controllers included
  • Compatible with most Japanese titles
  • Compatible with original 16-bit controllers
  • 2 colors to choose

Pre-Order Update - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 DS & Special DSi Edition - Pre-Orders Open

Release Date - 5/30/09
Receive Date - 5/28-6/1
Price - $60.99 ( Game only )
Price - $269.99 ( Nintendo DSi Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Edition)
As a follow up to our previous post containing all the background information of 358/2, pre-orders are open today for a new DSi design that rivals most handbags. Can you imagine carrying one of these down Rodeo Dr.? You may even receive on sight DsiEnvy.