Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Website Innovation - JVG Comparison Shopping!

JVG Comparison Shopping - Thank you for all your feedback this past year.  Many of you have asked us for a way to distinguish between products, especially best hits and not best hit games or plush dolls that look similar but carry a different price tag.   Except for the front page, every page you click on or category that you click into will have a "compare box" below the product. You'll have the option of checking up to 5 products to compare from anywhere on the site.

Our systems will remember which ones you checked, so no matter where you browse, once you hit the compare button, it will pull up all your selections.

Here, I pulled up the Jalorda plush.  Sometimes we don't always want to open three windows or hit back on your browser.  I checked all three plush, minus the M figure and hit compare.  Below is what pops up:

Our systems will compare (without a new browser pop-up page that you can close without interruption).  You can also remove items during the comparison process and even add items to your shopping cart.  One cool thing about our shopping cart is that you can add multiple items while staying on the same page.  Our systems will not take you to the cart, then force you to click on the back button.

We're working on a few other projects to make sure that we provide you with the best shopping experience.  Shop more, save more!

New Website Innovations - Rewards Program - Shop & Save!

Rewards Program - I know many of you guys have asked me about a point tracking system similar to a credit card.  We've listened, and we did just that.  For every dollar you spend, you'll receive one point.  And for every 40 points, you can exchange it for $1 for any future purchase.

There is no limit to how many points you can rack up and points last forever, with no expiration! I know some folks choose the anonymous checkout without creating an account, but we highly encourage signing up for an account to start accruing points.

I've included a photo below:
 Once you click and log-in, you'll see the below:

You may need to click into it to expand it, but essentially, it'll display the number of points you have, and you'll need a minimum of 40 points to redeem any credits toward your next purchase.

Please note that only paid orders rack up points.  After redeeming, our systems will automatically generate a gift certificate code, which will be emailed to your registered email.  Below, as an example, I turned 480 points into $12.00.  Our systems can only convert dollars in increments of 40.  So if you have 500 points, our systems will convert 480, and put 20 on hold until you accrue another 20 points.