Thursday, March 25, 2010

Japan Video Games In Store Rewards Card - 3% Cashback - Now Available!

JapanVideoGames now rewards our locals for shopping with us! We're working on an online point system similar to the Visa/MC/Amex cards. But, in the meantime, anyone shopping in our store
can qualify for up to 3% cashback!

How to Qualify
  • Spend $100 your first purchase and you’ll receive a card to automatically start earning
  • You can redeem in only increments of 100 Points at a time
  • Points can only be redeemed in store
Terms & Conditions
  • JapanVideoGames Rewards Cards never expire and carry no fees
  • Cannot redeem points for cash
  • Cannot be replaced if lost or stolen

In Stock Now! - Nyko Wii Wand Remote - $29.99

Our Price: $29.99
Release Date: 9/10/09
UPC: 743840870913(Blue)
UPC: 743840870746 (Black)
UPC: 743840870937 (Purple)
UPC: 743840870920 (Pink)
UPC: 743840870401 (White)
Genre: Accessory
Company: Nyko
Version: Region Free - 87040

Experience new levels of immersion and innovation with Nyko's Wand for Nintendo Wii. The Wand allows for complete control of all compatible Wii software and menus, and features full motion control support, vibration feedback, and built-in speaker. With the Wand in your hand, you'll have total control of all your Wii software as well as a rubberized B-Trigger, larger 1 and 2 buttons and an improved and reworked d-pad for more comfortable and accurate classic and horizontal game play.

The Wand is ergonomically crafted for both left and right handed use with a form factor designed for maximum compatibility with any and all first and third party accessories for the Nintendo Wii. In addition, the Wand helps you expand your control possibilities with Nyko's Trans-Port Technologies, exclusively developed for the Wand. Transport Technology allows specially designed attachments to pass through key buttons to the attachment, allowing for more responsive attachments that can easily integrate with your Wand controller for a variety of games, meaning more flexibility and more fun each time you fire up your Wii.

  • Full rumble support; rubberized battery cover for optimal grip and padded silicon for additional protection and safety.
  • New 3rd party Wii controller with full compatibility with all Wii Software.
  • Transport Technology allows for use of custom shells and accessories.
  • Bluetooth technology allows for wireless play up to 20 feet away from the console.
  • Enlarged buttons and redesigned d-pad allow for convenient horizontal play and powerful speaker provide instant audio feedback.

In Stock Now - Professor Layton Kyouju Strap - $14.99 ea.

Our Price: $14.99
Release Date: 03/2010
Genre: Keychain / Strap
Company: Furyu
Version: Japan

Stock Status: In Stock

Exclusive Layton Keychain strap!
Layton is made of soft plastic!
Great for any Professor Layton fan!
Decorate your keychain, cell phone, or even your portable gaming systems!

  • Official Keychain made by Furyu!