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In Stock 8/26/09 - Magna Carta 2 - Import 360 - $84.99

Our Price: $84.99
Release Date: 8/06/2009
UPC: 4988648667358
Genre: RPG
Company: Banpresto
Version: Japan
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Magna Carta II is the follow-up to the PlayStation 2 RPG Magna Carta: Tears of Blood developed by Softmax and published by Banpresto exclusively for Xbox 360. It will be released in Japan on August 6, 2009. This marks the series' first entry onto a next gen console. The game was officially unveiled in the April 2009 edition of Famitsu magazine.

In Stock 8/21/09 - Batman: Arkham Asylum - for PS3/Xbox 360

Our Price: $59.99 for PS3 / 360
Release Date: 08/25/2009
UPC: 788687500876
Genre: Adventure
Company: Eidos
Version: US

Face off against Gotham's greatest villains including The Joker, HARLEY QUINN, VICTOR ZSASZ and KILLER CROC

Become the Invisible Predatotm with Batman¿s takedowns and unique vantage point system to move without being seen or utilize the unique FreeFlowtm combat system to chain together unlimited combos and battle with huge groups of The Joker's henchmen
Choose multiple takedown methods, including swooping from the sky and smashing through walls, and use the predator camera get a closer look at the action.

Explore every inch of Arkham Asylum and roam freely on the infamous island, presented for the first time ever in its gritty and realistic entirety.

Experience what it's like to be BATMAN using BATARANGS, explosive gel aerosol, The Batclaw, sonar resonator and the line launcher

  • Story
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum features an original story penned exclusively for the game by famous Batman author and five-time Emmy award winner, Paul Dini, whose credits include "Lost" season one and "Batman: The Animated Series." As the game begins Batman is personally delivering his nemesis, The Joker, to the asylum at Arkham Island, but he is uneasy. Although the Arkham asylum is well fortified, he has a nagging feeling that all is not well, which proves to be the case when seconds after turning The Joker over to the guards, the master criminal breaks free of his captors. Even more surprising than this quick turn of events is the revelation that it was never The Joker's intent to escape the vault-like facility, but instead to trap Batman there. Surrounded by an asylum full of dangerous criminals, many of which he put there and all at the beck and call of the Joker, can Batman survive and discover what is behind the Joker's intricate plot?

  • In Batman: Arkham Asylum players strap on the gadget-heavy utility belt of the Caped Crusader. Gameplay here is a combination of both the knuckle crunching rush of hand to hand combat as you take on the hordes of thugs that infest Arkham Asylum, and stealth gameplay in which you must dispatch individuals from the shadows. Players can expect an engrossing single player campaign in which Batman continually moves forward to face the henchmen, bosses and traps that The Joker has set for him.
  • With regards to opponents, in addition to The Joker who you will hear more than you see, the dark walls of Arkham also hold familiar villains from the the Batman criminal universe including Harley Quinn, Victor Zsasz and Killer Croc, that you will have to deal with, but don't expect a one-dimensional experience.
  • As players progress from environment to environment within Arkham they will have to use varying combinations of muscle, detective skills, gadgetry and a certain degree of light RPG-like leveling of Batman's skills, arsenal and physical characteristics to survive and discover what The Joker's underlying scheme is.
  • In addition to the story-driven single player campaign Arkham Asylum also contains various additional play modes. These include an arcade styled combat mode where players accumulate points by engaging hordes of thugs in a hand to hand slugfest across a series of maps, in which Batman's physical strength and agility play a major role. The key here is to chain together as many attacks as possible due to the fact that with each successful combo players increase the point multiplier associated with their actions.
  • The game also features a time-based stealth mode where players must hone their ability to strike silently from the shadows. This gameplay, referred to as 'Invisible Predator' utilizes the Dark Knight's skill with gadgets like the grapple tool, batarang and explosives. These allow for vertical/horizontal mobility, the ability to quickly strike from above and at a distance and to take out enemies and create distractions, even through walls. But remember that Batman works solo and is not superhuman.
  • Your enemies will congregate around trouble areas and work as a team against you, so you must be silent, plan your attacks wisely, strike quickly and discover the value of encouraging fear within enemies.
Key Features
  • Utilize the unique FreeFlow combat system to chain together unlimited combos seamlessly and battle with huge groups of The Joker's henchmen in brutal melee brawls.
  • Investigate as Batman, the world's greatest detective, by solving intricate puzzles with the help of cutting edge forensic tools including x-ray scanning, fingerprint scans, 'Amido Black' spray and a pheromone tracker.
  • Face off against Gotham's greatest villains including The Joker, Harley Quinn, Victor Zsasz and Killer Croc.
  • Become the Invisible Predator with Batman's fear takedowns and unique vantage point system to move without being seen and hunt enemies.
  • Choose multiple takedown methods, including swooping from the sky and smashing through walls, and use the predator camera get a closer look at the action.
  • Explore every inch of Arkham Asylum and roam freely on the infamous island, presented for the first time ever in its gritty and realistic entirety.
  • Experience what it's like to be Batman using batarangs, explosive gel aerosol, the Batclaw, sonar resonator and the line launcher.
  • Unlock more secrets by completing hidden challenges in the world and develop and customize equipment by earning experience points.
  • Enjoy complete superhero freedom in the environment with the use of Batman's grapple to get to any place you can see, jump from any height and glide in any direction.

New Pre-Order - 10/29/09 - Sword World 2.0: Game Book DS - $49.99

Our Price: $49.99
Release Date: 10/29/2009
UPC: 4510417031376
Genre: RPG
Company: Broccoli
Version: Japan
Sword World 2.0 is loosely tied to Record of Lodoss War and is like the Dungeons & Dragons of Japan. Licensing it and making dungeon crawler is the pragmatic way to translate the experience into a video game. Broccoli, known for their many Evangelion games, is doing something out of the ordinary. Sword World 2.0 Game Book DS is a visual novel based on the franchise.

Players tap their way through text and follow a branching plot path to one of the endings. To replicate the experience of playing a tabletalk RPG Sword World 2.0 Game Book DS uses dice rolls to partially determine the events. A retail listing elaborates further, explaining virtual dice are also used for character parameters and enemy encounters.

New Pre-Order - 10/22/09 - Rune Factory 3 (Import DS) - $54.99

Our Price: $54.99
Release Date: 10/22/2009
UPC: 4535506301086
Genre: RPG
Company: Marvelous Entertainment
Version: Japan
Farming, adventure, love. And now transformation! Marvelous is bringing the Rune Factory series to the DS, complete with new elements.

Famitsu reports in its latest issue that Rune Factory 3 is being prepared for Japanese DS release some time this year. The game promises all the farming, adventuring, and romance aspects of past Rune Factory games, but adds in the ability to make main character Maisu transform into monsters once you've obtained a "Transformation Belt." When in monster form, you'll have access to a separate set of actions during battle, and be treated to new conversations while in town.
  • One example of a monster is the long-eared "Golden Moko Moko." When you're in Moko Moko form, one cute little girl who's apparently displeased with you otherwise, finds you cute!
  • Despite Maisu's ability to transform into a monster, the game still allows you to raise and bring monsters into battle. And for the first time, you'll also take certain plants into battle with you! These special plants emerge from "Active Seeds," and while details are unclear at present, they apparently play a major role in the game.
  • As for the more traditional Rune Factory elements, they're all back, but with some apparent changes.
  • Characters make use of new AI, with their daily movements around town driven by interests, goals, and relationships with other characters.
  • The farming aspect of the game has one obvious change. For various unspecified reasons, the only areas of the world that can grow plants are those that are underground and receive the protection of a special tree. Maisu's home is located in that tree, and his farm is located below. The inside of the tree is said to be very spacious, so you may end up spending quite some time in there.
  • With a Japanese release planned for 2009, it shouldn't come as a surprise to learn that Rune Factory 3 is pretty far along. The game is 80% complete according to Famitsu.

New Pre-ORder - 10/15/09 - Shounen Sunday & Shounen Magazine White Comic - Import DS - $59.99

Our Price: $59.99
Release Date: 10/15/2009
UPC: 4988602148176
Genre: Action Adventure
Company: Konami
Version: Japan
-from siliconera-
Konami has another Shonen Sunday and Shonen Magazine title in development, but Sunday & Magazine White Comic is different from their other projects. This title is a comic adventure RPG. The game has an original story, which has the protagonist fighting alongside manga characters after diving into the manga world.

  • You can meet over 350 characters from 98 series spanning a variety of genres like sports, humor, romantic comedy, and of course battle comics. Series covered in these publications include Inuyasha, Air Gear, Hajime no Ippo, Fairy Tale, and Cromartie High School.
  • To help players follow the story Sunday & Magazine White Comic has a handy database which contains character profiles and series data.

New Pre-ORder - 10/8/09 - Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey - $59.99

Our Price: $59.99
Release Date: 10/08/2009
UPC: 4984995900452
Genre: RPG
Company: Atlus
Version: Japan
-from wiki-
Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey is an upcoming console role-playing game developed by Atlus for the Nintendo DS. It is a title within the Megami Tensei series of video games, and will be released in Japan on October 8, 2009.

Players take on the role of a Japanese soldier assigned to a UN-mandated research team deployed to the South Pole to investigate an abnormal area in the region dubbed as the "Schwarz-verse".

  • At the beginning of the 21st century, a sudden massive atomic collapse occurs in the South Pole and causing a space abnormality known as the "Schwarz-verse", which poses an imminent threat for humankind and the Earth.
  • A mysterious black hole has appeared on the region of the South Pole and is expanding day by day. Concerned of this event, the United Nations sent a group of researchers from all over the world to investigate the area.
  • Inside, the investigators found that the area has been infested with supernatural beings such as demons that threaten to cross into the world.
  • The player assumes an unnamed soldier from Japan, who will be working with three other crew members of the Red Sprite. Captain Goa, leads the crew, while Jimenez, an experienced, reward-seeking American researcher, and Zelenin, a knowledgeable Russian scientist work together with the player.
  • The crew dons the Demonica suit, which enables access to abilities as well as regulating the player to the conditions within the Schwarz-verse.

Random News Update - Super Mario Galaxy 2 Wii - 2010

-from wiki- Super Mario Galaxy 2 is an upcoming video game in development for the Wii console. It is the sequel to Super Mario Galaxy. Super Mario Galaxy 2 was announced at the 2009 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) and will be released in 2010.

Gameplay is similar to Super Mario Galaxy, with a focus on platforming based on and around 3D planets of varying sizes and landscapes. Power-ups such as the Bee Suit will be making a return, along with the Launch Star for interplanetary navigation, and the Airships operated by Bowser's son Bowser Jr. in its predecessor.

Mario will be able to ride the bipedal dinosaur Yoshi like he did in Super Mario Sunshine, and can use his tongue to swing across gaps, as well as eat different fruits that give him different powers (also seen similarly in Sunshine), such as the ability to inflate like a balloon and float, as well as speed boosts. While the player retains the ability to collect Star Bits with the blue Star Pointer from the first game, while riding Yoshi the Star Pointer is replaced by a red dot, which allows the player to also aim and control his tongue.