Saturday, December 12, 2009

In Stock Now! - Layton Kyouju Plush Dolls and Keychains

Layton Kyouju Plush Doll: 3 Layton Kyouju Plush Doll: 4 Layton Kyouju Plush Doll: 3.5 Layton Kyouju Key Chain Plush Doll: 1 Layton Kyouju Key Chain Plush Doll: 1
Release Date: 12/2009
Genre: Plush
Company: Sanei
Version: Japan

Professor Layton, with its subtly humourous stories, warm palette and dramatic plot twists is simply wonderful movie material. As an aswer to the fans' dreams, The Eternal Diva will be shown in the cinemas througout Japan.

Those who are going to be in Japan for the winter, be sure to go see it, those who are less fortunate, we still have souvenirs for you.

There are plush dolls of Professor Layton and Luke they make your room warmer just by sitting on your bed or on your shelf. Those who wants to bring these detectives with them on their daily journeys can get the plush straps. Simple and elegant, these two makes your bag more stylish.