Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Confirmed Arrivals - Wednesday

Rei Choaniki

Rei Choaniki - $64.99

Musou Orochi Z (Japan) - PS3
Musou Orochi Z (Japan) - $79.99

BERSERK - $69.99 (Pre-Owned) Rare

General News Update - ASD / AMD Vegas - 3/14 - 3/15

ASD / AMD was great, well the Sands was at least. Driving to vegas was exciting as usual, but after arriving at the las vegas convention center, we were surprised to see that the LVCC was nearly desolate. We sped down to the Sands main floor and wow, what a sight, civilization. Eventually, after walking down endless rows and rows of similar looking products, we left within four hours.

Merchandise: Of course, merchandise at a general merchandise show is general, but we loved seeing aisles of "water pipes" and smoking paraphernalia.

Overall: For our industy, probably better than CES.

Stock Update - Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom Stick - Sold Out, Restock Soon

Sorry folks, we're completely sold out of tatsunoko exar sticks. We will be expecting more within 2-3 weeks. With demand still strong for fighting sticks, we're planning to bring in more sticks within the next few weeks, hopefully the Hori PS3 Real Arcade Pro 3 SA, and the Real Arcade Pro EX for 360. With madcatz tournament edition sticks breaking the upper echelons of price gouging, these sticks may be a cost-efficient alternative.

Pre-Order Update - Mario Kart Plush Vol. 1 & 2 - August September

For all mario kart fans, the next wave of banpresto plushies will be a sure-hit. Banpresto aired over their catalogs weeks ago and the new mario kart volume 1 and 2 plushies (aug 2009, september 2009, respectively), will be the heart of any true mario kart fan. Seven styles will be available per volume. We expect to air a few batches over the first months, and bring the rest in shortly. Pricing is set at $14.99 per plush.

Pre-Order Update - Space Invaders Extreme 2 DS - 3/26/09

Release Date - 3/26/09
Receive Date - 3/25-3/27
Price - $49.99
-from wikipedia-
Space Invaders Extreme is a re-vamped incarnation of the classic arcade game Space Invaders. It was released to mark the 30th anniversary of Space Invaders which saw its original arcade release in 1978. The game is played at a fast pace with an electronic soundtrack and sound effects. Space Invaders Extreme 2 has such additional extras as boss formations, enhanced multiplayer modes and a new 'bingo system'.