Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekly Recap - March 2009 - Week 4

Aside from the final four this week, another tremendous week has passed. The late Aaron Spelling's estate has been listed on the market today as the largest and most expensive home in California, weighing in at $150 million. The dow this week rallied and we're hoping to see signs of a 8,000 point breakthrough next week, giving some light to such a dismal economy.

The final week of march has brought us tons of new games, with trigger heart exelica for ps2 still leading the bunch. DS sales have picked up because of last week's Super Robot Wars K. PS3 sales have been put on slow-motion, and 360 has just been stagnant; not even halo wars can breathe any life into the unit. Maybe death smiles may, but I highly doubt it's going to be a signficiant financial mover in comparison to grand theft auto.

Next week has nothing significant, except for the official release of Guitar Hero Metallica SAS. Haven't we all had enough of guitar hero? Now that red octane has bled the series to death, DJ Hero is next, I wonder how that will turn out.

Stock Update - Dance Dance Revolution Disney Grooves w/ Two Mats Wii - In Stock Now

Price - $69.99
Release Date:
Receive Date: 03/27/2009
UPC: 83717250913
Genre: Dance
Company: Konami
Version: US
-from publisher-
  • 40 classic Disney songs, including dance remixes
  • Featuring classic Disney characters we all know and love
  • Take your Mii to the dance floor and customize your Mii using Disney outfits and accessories
  • Dance World mode where players can use their dancing skills to bring life back to worlds that have become dull and boring
  • Dressing Room mode allows players to customize the clothes of 10 different characters

Pre-Order Update - Agarest Senki Best / Record of Agarest War Best PS3 - 3/28/09

Release Date: 3/28/2009
UPC: 4995857090549
Genre: Strategy
Company: Compile
Version: Japan
Price - $49.99
-from wikipedia-

Record of Agarest War is a strategy role-playing game for the PlayStation 3 video game console.[1] The game is a collaboration between Idea Factory, Red Entertainment and Compile Heart.[2] It was released in Japan on September 27, 2007, then a Korean version was released in South Korea on May 25, 2008. An updated port of the game is scheduled to be released in Japan for the Xbox 360 on November 27th, 2008.

The story progresses through various points plotted on a map. By visiting each point, the player has to battle the creatures, complete a quest, visit a town or go through a conversation to advance through the storyline and open up more points.

Fighting plays out like a strategic RPG where each character has his/her own set of moves, but by moving each character to an appropriate square, you can chain characters together and pull off combos. After each round of combat, each character will regenerate AP and accumulate SP points. When enough SP points have been accumulated, characters can unleash special attacks.

The game includes dating sim elements through its "Soul Breed" system which allows the player to create a new character by pursuing a relationship with a female character.

Pre-Order Update - Meja-Maji March / Major Minor's Majestic March - 4/23/09

Release Date: 04/23/09
UPC: 4988601005906
Price: $69.99
Genre: Music
Company: Square Enix
Version: Japan
-from publisher-
Can you guide the courageous cat, Major Minor, through this whimsical musical adventure? Brought to you by Masaya Matsuura, the visionary creator of the music game genre, and drawn to life by renowned artist Rodney Alan Greenblat, Major Minor's Majestic March is an extravaganza of music and color unlike anything you've ever experienced!
  • AKA Major Minor's Majestic March
  • Created by Parappa the Rapper designer Masaya Matsuura and famous artist Rodney Alan Greenblat.
  • Major Minor’s Majestic March uses the Wii Remote as a mace (a form of baton used exclusively by drum majors) that the drum major, Major Minor, uses to keep tempo, recruit new band members and pick up valuable items. While marching through eight whimsical locations that contain various hair-raising events, Major Minor strives to create the most impressive parade ever. Players can add up to 15 different instruments to their dynamic procession—including brass, woodwinds, and percussion—to alter its composition and resulting performance. Players are then scored on how well their band maintains its rhythm and manages obstacles that could otherwise throw the procession into disarray. The band keeps tempo to more than 25 popular marching band songs from around the world, composed into original medleys for each stage.
  • John Merchant, marketing manager of Majesco Europe has been quoted saying about this game, “There’s something magical about marching bands that truly captures the imagination. The concept of leading a virtual band that’s reliant on your musicianship is a perfect fit for the interactive capabilities of Wii. The combined musical and artistic superiority of Matsuura and Greenblat make them a natural choice to deliver this innovative title exclusively to the Wii audience.”