Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Wii - Japanese Wii Fit and Wii Mat Bundle - Order Now

Wii Fit, by now everyone has heard of it and been wanting it, it is an innovative exercise machine by using the Wii, it has the ability of a scale to weigh you, track of how much you exercise by how much you use it, and more uses still to come. The Balance board is a neat idea by the minds of Nintendo because it will have many uses just like the Wii mote. So get it now and get fit using your Wii.

Wii Fit Balance Board - The active-play phenomenon started by Wii Sports now spreads to your whole body thanks to the pressure-sensitive Wii Balance Board (name not final), which comes packed with Wii Fit. The board is used for an extensive array of fun and dynamic activities, including aerobics, yoga, muscle stretches and games. Many of these activities focus towards providing a "core" workout, a popular exercise method that emphasizes slower, controlled motions. Family members will have fun staying active and talking about and comparing their results and progress on a new channel on the Wii Menu.

Wii Mat - Lay the mat between the floor and the Wii board, it lessens the pressure put on the floor by your body. The material of the mat creates friction such that you can train to your heart's content without having to worry about slipping. A mesh net is sandwiched between the two surfaces of the mats to maintain its sustainability. The mat is made with a PVC (PER) material that satisfies both the EU environmental regulation EN71 and FDA food and drug safety regulations. A strap is also included in the pack so that you can roll it up for easy storage.

For A limited time we are selling these two at a low price bundle together, this goes great with the Wii Freeloader American Version if you don't have a Japanese console. So you can get your exercise on.

If you don't have a Wii in general we still have a Wii bundle we are selling that includes Japanese Wii bundle that includes a Japanese region Wii Console and a Japanese Wii Freeloader (which unlocks the Region of the Wii for the American Wii games). The bundle will Retail for $379.99 and for a limited time will Include free Free UPS Ground Shipping and Full coverage via Insurance. So if a Wii is needed this is the best way to go to play not only American Wii games but also Japanese.

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