Tuesday, April 1, 2008

PS2 - Musou Orochi: Maou Sairin - In Stock

Musou Orochi better known as a Cross between Samurai Warriors and Dyntasy Warriors, both hack and slash tittles both made by KOEI. While Dynasty Warriors has had more than 15 tittles, Samurai Warriors has had like 2 and the cross overs are something everyone likes to play.

This would be the 2nd game in the cross over series where the Dynasty Warriors (Sengoku) and Samurai Warriors (Sangoku) have defeated the evil Lord Orochi and have freed the land from his evil grips. Peace has come to the land and everyone was enjoying themselves until a power struggle has occurred by Orochi's underlings for power.

As either a Sengoku or Sangoku or cooperatively you choose your battle tactics and strategy carefully because the Fate of everyone lands on you and how well you attack and even protect.

  • 5 plot lines – four of them are continuations of the existing 4 plot lines from the last game, and a new one for Orochi is included this time.
  • Aside from the heroes from Sengoku and Sangoku periods, special characters from Japanese and Chinese myths enter the fray as well.
  • Dramatic mode – view the stories and various situations by enabling this mode.
  • Versus mode and survival mode – Versus mode supports a large range of battles, from all out war, shooting battles to speedy fights. Play against the computer in survival mode and test your skills.
  • Team battle system – To aid your falling comrades, launch combined special attacks.

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