Tuesday, April 1, 2008

PS2 - Pro Yakyuu Spirits 5 - In Stock

Pro Yakyuu Spirits 5, a popular franchise in Japanese baseball Konami has been bringing since the Super Famicom. Konami had asked fans in Japan what type of improvements they wanted to see in the upcoming games.

MVP Mode has been renamed Stardom Mode. This mode goes a max of 20 years, so it's a full-fledged career mode, it's comparable to Road To The Show in the Sony games. You'll earn points and items while you play out your career. You can already see a new presentation where a Softbank player hits a homer. He earned 250 points for hitting a solo homer.

They listened and they responded as such with new line ups, and new details just to start other features include:

  • There are new gauges that shows you what kind of pitch the CPU batter is looking for.
  • Catchers will stand up and set up for realistic intentional walks.
  • New animation of Hara giving a double fist pound to one of his players. AI has been improved, and this includes the base stealing.
  • New animations are abundant on defense as well as base running
  • slap hitting now gets a brand new animation.
  • New bullpen camera, and that definitely shows a western influence.
  • Catchers will now move around behind the plate.

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