Tuesday, April 1, 2008

PSP - Star Ocean 2nd Evolution - In Stock

A remake of Tri-Ace's 1998 Hit Star Ocean: The 2nd Story and before the merger of Square-Enix Star Ocean was a cult classic that also had a small printing release. As of recently Square-Enix has been remaking and re-releasing many of there old school games many just simple ports but as for the Star Ocean original 2 games, Star Ocean (released on Super Famicom and never seen in the states) these have re-drawn from scratch and have new and added scripts from the original games.

What makes this a totally new experince is, New playable characters can join your team, just as the original version, you choose between all the games characters to join, and each one has there own individual stories and plots to gain experience and new items.New added story lines and plots this new version adds so much from the original answering many questions left unanswered before.

Star Ocean 2nd Evolution follows the story of Claude C. Kenni as his father was one of the saviors of the first Star Ocean his father has become a Captain everyone
respects. Claude wishes he can be a man like his father and while on an inspection of strange planet some mysteriously happens and Claude finds himself completely new planet, Claude saves a mysterious girl and finds himself being called a destined Hero of Light and many adventures await him from then on just to find his way home.

Animation is done by Production I.G. know for animating the Ghost in the shell Tv Series

Japan Video Games price - $48.99

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