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In Stock Now - BlazBlue: Continuum Shift (Import 360) -$79.99

Our Price: $79.99
Release Date: 07/01/2010
UPC: 4510772100113
Genre: Fighting
Company: Arc System Works
Version: Japan

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BlazBlue: Continuum Shift​ is a fighting game developed by Arc System Works. The game is an official Sequel to BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger. As with the previous game, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift will first come to arcades before both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions as the game is currently released for the Taito Type X2 arcade system board, with a 16:9 ratio and 768p resolution. It was released in November 20, 2009 in Japan, though the North American version is not released in arcades. A console version was released on July 1, 2010 in Japan and will be released on July 27 in North America.

The game has undergone several revamped gameplay mechanics; features at least four new characters: Tsubaki Yayoi and Hazama (from Arcade version), μ-12 (Console-exclusive), and Makoto Nanaya (to be released via DLC) [1]; replaces the character, ν-13, with Λ-11; and rebalances previous characters with new or tweaked moves.

The game also features all-new character select art, new and returning gameplay modes, and continues the predecessor's story.

  • BlazBlue: Continuum Shift retains the traditional 2D fighter gameplay of two characters participating in a duel on a two dimensional plane. A match can consist of one to five rounds known as "rebels". To win a round, one player must either incapacitate the other by inflicting enough damage through various attacks or by having more remaining health after the round's timer depletes.
  • During each rebel, players fill a Heat Gauge which can be used for advanced techniques such as Distortion Drives, Rapid Cancels, Counter Assaults, and certain characters' attacks (Jin/Hakumen). The Heat Gauge can be filled via dealing damage, taking damage, perfect blocking attacks.
  • However, some mechanics from the previous installment have been changed or completely replaced in the transition.
  • The Guard Libra system which utilizes a tug-of-war gauge has been replaced with the new Guard Primer point system. Each character has a certain amount of points (e.g. Tager has a maximum of 10 primer points while characters like Carl or Ragna have 4 and 5 respectively). These points are depleted whenever moves with "Guard Break" properties (e.g. Jin's "Gale" or Hakumen's "Forward C") are blocked. Upon depletion of all points, the character is immobilized for a certain period of time known as Guard Crush. Barrier blocking can be used at critical times to prevent a Guard Crush by consuming 50% of the Barrier gauge instead. Primer points regenerate over time or after all points are depleted.
  • Barrier Burst has been replaced with Break Burst, a similar ability but with different penalties. Break Burst can only be performed twice in a single match, and its second use can only become available if you lose a round. It no longer permanently drains your Barrier Gauge or gives you the "DANGER" penalty. A free unused burst is required for Astral Heats. Bursts have different properties depending on when they are used, as the offensive "Gold Burst" has high bounce and combo-ability and the combos initiated by it can kill while the defensive "Green Burst" will provide invincibility for the entire burst motion at the cost of permanently halving your maximum primer points. All lost primer points due to Barrier Bursts will never recover.
  • Astral Heat conditions have been changed. Instead of requiring it to be the final round and the opponent being within 20% health, it now only requires it to be your match point round and your opponent being below 35% health. It still requires 100% heat and now has the additional requirement of a freely available unused Burst.

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