Friday, January 15, 2010

In Stock Now - PlayStation 3 250GB Slim System (US Version) - $349.99

Our Price: $349.99
Release Date: 11/03/2009
UPC: 711719801801
Genre: Hardware
Company: Sony
-from publisher-
The fourth generation of hardware released for the PlayStation 3 entertainment platform, the PlayStation 3 250GB system is the next stage in the evolution of Sony's console gaming powerhouse. Loaded with a mix of multimedia features and functions available on earlier PlayStation 3 models, as well as a series of new advancements and refinements, the PlayStation 3 250GB system is destined to push the envelope in the realm of Next-Generation entertainment.

  • HDMI + Bravia Sync functionality that provides both 1080p output resolution, and instant in-synch connectivity between your PS3 and other Sony HDMI enabled products without the use of multiple remote controls.
  • A new 33% slimmer, 36% lighter PlayStation 3 entertainment system that is also more energy efficient.
  • Includes a Dualshock 3 wireless controller and a built-in 250GB HDD for storing games, music, videos, and photos.

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