Friday, January 22, 2010

In Stock Now - Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (US Gamecube) - $17.99

Our Price: $17.99
Release Date: 06/15/2006
UPC: 045496962050
Genre: Adventure
Company: Nintendo
Version: US
Stock Status: In Stock

Brand new and Sealed US Nintendo Gamecube Game. Will also work on the Nintendo Wii system as well.

  • Timing Action Commands help you dodge or inflict damage and impress the crowd, giving you power for super attacks
  • Use your paper body to your advantage - Fold into a paper airplane and take to the air, turn sideways to slip through narrow passages, and roll into a tube to bounce to safety
  • Collect all-new weapons and items like hammers, thunderbolts and much more
  • Numerous partners are here to aid Mario, from the previous games - from Claudia to Yoshi
  • Enter the Worry Room, where townspeople will post their problems for you to fix -- giving you dozens of great, silly side quests

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