Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sony announces some PSP news


- Here are some highlights of a recent interview with Sony's senior marketing manager John Koller by GamePro and Game Informer:

  • PSP will have a lot of strong titles coming out this year
  • Outside of Final Fantasy Crisis: Core and Secret Agent Clank, there will be a lineup of additional sports games and some very unique titles
  • One of the unique title is "franchise umbrellas"
  • The PSP Store will offer both PS1 and PS2 re-releases for download
  • PSP will have a number pf peripherals coming this year, including keyword, camera and GPS
  • Major PSP announcements will be coming next month and continuing up to E3 2008
  • Heavy focus on PS3-PSP remote play functionality this year
  • More PSP Combo Packs will be coming

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