Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Arcade Stick: Ps3-Ps2-Pc Usb Fighting Stick

A new Arcade stick USB driven and compatible with Playstation 3, Playstation 2, and PC. Use them with your favorite Fighting game, especially great with hard driven Combo games such as Tekken 5, even the upcoming Tekken 6, Guilty Gear, Street Fighter and many more.

The Arcade stick allows re-mapping so choosing your own button scheme, programming it to another system is easily possible. The Metallic Base makes it durable and strong enough for the hardest of arcade players.

Information about Arcade Stick:

● The lever and buttons are designed and placed on same layout as the arcade style.
● Turbo function with different speed settings you can toy with.
● Supports button re-mapping and Macro functions.
● The Fighting Stick has considerable heft and rubber feet, both of which work to hold the controller firmly in place on hard, flat surfaces.
● The Fighting Stick has a metal base and plastic outer shell with smooth corners that don't murder your wrists.

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