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PS2 - Sega Ages 2500 Vol. 32: Phantasy Star Complete Collection - In Stocl

Sega has released there Blockbuster series Phantasy Star onto the Playstation 2 for a 2nd time, this one not to be confused with Sega's 2003 release Phantasy Star Trilogy.

Sega Ages 2500 Vol. 32: Phantasy Star Collection contains Phantasy Star I-IV, all with updated graphics and English text for all you importers. The disc also includes Phantasy Star 2 Text adventures (no English text) and all of Sega's normal normal extra which include, sound test and art.

So for everyone who never had a Sega Genesis, or had one and want to play/replay one of the best RPG's of the Sega Genesis era Phantasy Star Complete Collection is a great pick up.

Series information:

Phantasy Star -

The story is about Alis, a girl who sees Nero, her brother, killed and sets out to avenge him. The action begins in a futuristic city complex in a three-planet solar system called Algol. The three planets are named Palma, Motavia, and Dezoris. You start the game on the planet Palma which is a lush planet. Motavia is a desert planet and Dezoris is an ice planet inhabited by a race of green aliens. After travelling some underground mazes, the characters get to travel to the other planets in their adventure using the spaceport on Palma or your own spaceship that is built for you by Dr. Luveno. There is the option to talk with monsters the characters encounter — sometimes they are friendly, and just leave.

Phantasy Star II -

Somewhere deep within the Andromeda Galaxy lies the Algol Star System. The parent star, Algol (referred to as "Algo" by this point in the timeline), has three planets orbiting about it. First is Palm (formerly "Palma" in the original Phantasy Star), the home of the government. Governors, treasurers, and great thinkers dwell here in great ivory towers, away from the hubbub of everyday life.

Next is Mota (formerly "Motavia"), the shining jewel. Once a dry desert planet infested with ant lions, Mota has been transformed into a blue and green tropical paradise. Domed farms grow crops, and the water is regulated into dammed rivers. Life on Mota is sweet, peaceful, and easy. The people have everything they want, and do not need to work.
Farthest out is Dezo (formerly "Dezoris"), the ice planet. Little is known about this mysterious and dark planet.

One thousand years have passed since Alis and her friends liberated Algo from the evil Lassic. Algo has since prospered under the care of a giant computer called the Mother Brain. The Mother Brain regulates the Climatrol Tower, the Bio-Systems Lab, and all other things that provide whatever the Mota people need.

Phantasy Star III -

As the game begins, you play the part of Rhys, Crown Prince of the Orakian kingdom of Landen, on the day of his wedding to Maia, a mysterious amnesiac girl who washed up on Landen's shore two months ago. During the ceremony, a winged demon — identified as a Layan — suddenly appears and snatches Maia, vowing "Filthy Orakians! Maia shall never be yours!" Rhys is determined to rush off and retrieve his bride, but his father the King feels he's being overly rash, and orders him to "cool off" in the castle dungeon. The game begins when Lena, a girl from Landen who has a crush on Rhys from afar, and actually his betrothed from the neighboring kingdom of Satera, helps the Prince to escape from the dungeon and set off on his quest.

It soon becomes apparent that all is not as it first seems in this world, both as it relates to Layans, and to the world itself. Despite the setting, several anachronisms are in evidence, such as android characters, clearly artificial (and high tech) "caves," and abandoned airfields. The fact there is only a limited amount of terrain to explore in each of the three worlds (later revealed to be seven) is also a clue. Also, when you finally do encounter Layans, they do not at first appear to be demonic or even hostile — they are simply "Technique"-using humans (this being the standard Phantasy Star terminology for what in other console RPGs would be called "magic"). One of them, Prince Lyle of Shusoran, even joins your party as an ally. Ultimately, it is revealed that Maia, the girl you set out to save, is herself Layan — indeed, she is a Princess of a Layan kingdom — and that her "kidnapping" at the game's beginning was viewed by the Layans as a rescue attempt to free their Princess from "hostile" Orakians.

Phantasy Star IV -

The long, long struggle of ancient times finally ended...
The victor sacrificed the vanquished to the heavens.
Four bells tolled. Four torches were lit.
And the world continued for thousands of years...

Phantasy Star: The End of the Millennium, which takes place in the year AW 2284 (1,000 years after the events of Phantasy Star II), is the final part of the series canon. It is the story of Chaz Ashley, a young bounty hunter, who along with his friends and allies, is unwittingly catapulted into the role of savior of the Algo solar system. The computer network which has worked to sustain Algo has gone into disarray, leading to a series of catastrophes throughout the system. An investigation of the problem leads Chaz and his allies into a confrontation with the dark wizard Zio, whose aim seems to be nothing less than total annihilation. Defeating Zio proves to only be the beginning, and amidst great tragedy and struggle, Chaz and the others must eventually fight against an evil from time uncounted to restore peace to Algo once and for all.

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