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In Stock Now - Nintendo DS Lite (Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings ~Sky Pirate Edition~) - 110V - $199.99

Our Price: $199.99
Release Date: 4/26/2007
UPC: 4988601005081
Genre: RPG
Company: NIntendo
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Revenant Wings is a tactical adventure game which can be controlled entirely with the stylus. To move Vaan, tap on him and then tap on a location on the touch screen. To attack an enemy creature, tap on Vaan and then tap on the creature to initiate hostilities. Instead of switching to an alternate encounter screen, Vaan swings immediately upon reaching the beast and all fighting takes place on the same world screen.

  • Battle system
  • Preliminary reports on the battle system have indicated that the game will have a modified version of Final Fantasy XII's Active Dimension Battle system; however, it can be played entirely with the stylus. When seen, the battle system looks strikingly like an RTS but with more depth in terms of character attacks and functionality. Like in Final Fantasy XII, battles initiate once the party comes in contact with the enemy, and the characters will attack automatically. The player will be given the option to use the stylus to give commands to the characters by tapping on them with the stylus. It will be possible to change their target, set gambits, use various abilities, and more. Area spells can be cast by drawing a rectangle around the enemy with the stylus.
  • Summoning
  • Espers will return in Revenant Wings and will have a larger role than in Final Fantasy XII; Director Motomu Toriyama has said Revenant Wings will have more summons than any previous Final Fantasy game. Summon abilities are learned via the new License Ring system. The number of summons are suggested by Weekly Jump to be around 50, classified in different categories, with each character able to summon a large number depending on their capacity.
  • Scattered across the playfield area is the "Summoning Gate", that could be used to summon Espers to aid in battle. The ability to summon the different entities depend on the "Gate Capacity" of the player character. Summons are ranked from I to III, with Rank I and II able to manifest in large numbers, as opposed to Rank III that summons only one entity. Summons are also differentiated by varying elements, such as fire, ice, zero, and recovery.
  • License Ring
  • The License Ring is revealed to be used to bind a Summon with the player. Each slot in the License Ring is placed with an Auracite to create a pact with the summon beast.
  • Types
  • Each character is distinguished according to three types; the unofficial name being Direct Type, Indirect Type and Flight Type. Direct Type characters attack at a close range, while Indirect Types attacks from afar, and Flight Types are able to fly, unbound to terrain. The types oppose each other in the manner where Direct wins over Indirect, Indirect wins over Flight and Flight wins over Direct.
  • Synthesizing
  • The element of alchemy and synthesizing is used in the game, where the player obtains recipes and materials necessary for the synthesis process. Only the player can obtain the materials, of which high grade material will enhance the equipment to which it is synthesized.

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