Friday, April 4, 2008

Certain PSP and PS2 games loosing Online Support

Sony Online has announced they will be shutting down servers for a few of there online games because not to many people still play and it will save them money on servers they can use of other or newer released games. This effect takes place on June 30th, so if you still one of the hardcore fans who loves playing online against a few or even on of your friends you have a bit under 2 months to get your fix, the games affected by this are:

PS2 Games

Destruction Derby Arenas
Everybody’s Golf
EyeToy Chat
F1 ‘04
Jak X
Lemmings PS2
My Street
Syphon Filter Omega Strain
This is Football 2004
This is Football 2005
Twisted Metal: Black Online

PSP Games

World Tour Soccer 2

While nothing huge like Final Fantasy XI it does leave Jak and Daxter X fans and Twisted Metal Black fans without there car destruction feeling of happiness.

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