Friday, April 4, 2008

Ultimo from the Minds of Shonnen Jump and Stan Lee

The official Japanese website of Shueisha's Jump Square magazine has revealed the first finalized image from Karakuridōji Ultimo, the new series from Spider-Man and X-Men co-creator Stan Lee and Shaman King creator Hiroyuki Takei. will be previewed in the premiere issue of the Jump SQ.II spinoff, which will ship on April 18.

Viz Media has also announced that it will hold a press event at New York Comic Con on the project on that same day. Lee, Jump Square Editor Takanori Asada, and Viz's Shonen Jump Editor-in-Chief Marc Weidenbaum will appear at the event to discuss the work. Viz has also indicated that more news will be announced. The story of Ultimo revolves around two figures — Vice and Ultimo — who appear in the skies above Farmless City. Their super-powered clashes bring destruction upon the city and raises the questions of their origins and aims.

The press release quotes Lee as saying, “I am deeply honored for this great opportunity to collaborate with an award-winning artist/writer of the stature of Hiroyuki Takei. I enthusiastically expect that the combination of an American story-telling style merged with Takei-san's acclaimed Japanese style will result in our joint creation Ultimo presenting an original, exciting type of manga that will appeal to comic book fans around the world.”

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